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Will Oakhurst’s Met Cinemas make its deadline?

The politicians in Washington, D.C., aren’t the only ones bumping up against a big deadline today. A trio of movie lovers in Oakhurst has hatched an ingenious plan to save the local Met Cinemas, and there are just over eight hours left to reach the self-imposed deadline goal of 3,000 memberships. My Beehive colleague Rick Bentley told readers about the project a couple of weeks ago:

Individual adult memberships cost $19.95 per month, which gives access to see 8-10 new movies, one time, in a month. Members will be given a smart card to track what they have seen. If they want to see a movie more than once, they would have to purchase an additional ticket. There also are discounted packages for couples and families.

The Los Angeles Times’ Diana Marcum offered her take on the project in a story today, which should offer an added boost to the effort.

With just 185 memberships to go as of about an hour ago, something tells me there’s a better chance Oakhurst keeps its theater than Congress keeps us from going over the fiscal cliff.

Responses to "Will Oakhurst’s Met Cinemas make its deadline?"

Micha says:

I would pay 20 bucks a month to see 8-10 independent, classic, and mainstream movies per month. I wonder if this could work at the Tower Theater? Food for thought. Great idea and I hope Oakhurst keeps their theater!

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