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Just a few days to Christmas … and ‘Les Miserables’

“Les Miz” fans still have to wait a few days till the much-anticipated movie opening Christmas Day. But to whet your appetite, I can tell you that I think the film is (mostly) a big success, with an especially amazing performance from Anne Hathaway as Fantine. The one major exception to the strong showing, cast-wise:

I hate to even mention his name in such proximity to the lustrous Hathaway, whom I am sure will snag a best-actress Oscar nomination. Let’s just say it kind of rhymes with “bro.” As in, bro, what made you think you could pull off the role of Javert?

I saw a preview screening Tuesday, and I wrote a commentary about the musical’s adaptation from stage to screen that’s in our big cover-story package coming in Friday’s 7 section.

My commentary was also picked up by the McClatchy wire, so if you’re my mom, you can read me in the Charlotte Observer and Miami Herald, among others.

Plus: Here’s my colleague Rick Bentley’s movie review.


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