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The Beehive Asks: What would you give Fresno for Christmas?

I’m full of holiday cheer today, so I’ll share the No. 1 item on my wish list for the city:

A state-of-the-art performing arts complex designed for small to medium-sized theater, dance and music productions.

The ideal would be a facility owned by the city or a benevolent non-profit organization. Priority would be given to local performing arts organizations. I can imagine a cozy 100-seat or 150-seat theater, preferably an easily configured black-box space, with all the goodies: great lights, great sound, bountiful dressing room and backstage amenities, etc.

In the same complex, I’d love to see a medium-sized theater, perhaps in the 250-350 seat range, with orchestra pit, ample wings and fly space, plus those great lights and sound.

Both would be available on a sliding fee scale depending on theater company size or budget.

It’d be quite the boon for the local arts scene, eh? What do you say, Santa?

Responses to "The Beehive Asks: What would you give Fresno for Christmas?"

Joe Wettstead says:

An Air Purifier…

Donald Munro says:

It’d have to be the size of Parlier, Joe.

Joe Wettstead says:

Santa has skills…

Lynn Cooper says:

If I could, I would give the whole downtown a wonderful new look and vibe to go with your complex. Oh how I would love to see that!

Skip Garcia says:

That all of fresno’s homeless would have a place to call home.

Geoff Klein says:

summers that dont get to 110 in the shade

first run movies that arent expected to be blockbusters

an improved economy not dependent upon agribiz

couple more minor league franchises…like hockey

JJJ says:

Fresno has a ton of theaters already, whats wrong with the current ones? Yes, most are churches, but still. Theres got to be at least 10 theater-theaters in town.

I would wish Fresno a functional bus system, which would bring with it a lowered unemployment rate, as people would be able to get to jobs.

Also: Did you know the beehive is under the paywall now? That makes zero sense.

Donald Munro says:

JJJ: Yes, I know that the new digital subscription initiative affects the Beehive. Out of my hands. I’d point out that you do get 60 free views a month on a mobile device. For folks who haven’t yet heard about this, here’s a link ( that will fill you in.

JJJ says:

Considering the content here is pretty different from the newspaper, putting it behind a wall will result in no gains to the organization, just losses. While I realize it’s out of your hands, perhaps it was an unintended consequence that needs to be brought up tot he right people?

Also, I have a subscription to the paper but cant be bothered to find what I need to make it work online.

Fortunately, getting past the paywall is extraordinarily easy. Took me about 5 seconds to figure out how to make it go away. Even easier than the useless NYT and WSJ paywalls which require entering the article through google or changing the URL.

Donald Munro says:

JJJ: I’ll be sure to make sure your comment is passed along to my superiors. One note: I know that as a Bee subscriber you don’t care to log in for the online edition, but I’d encourage you to check out the E-Bee edition on your computer. It’s a really nice way to read the full paper — including ads — and the photos look fantastic.

apj says:

Donald!!! Can the new facility be a Rogue venue?!?!?


Donald Munro says:

APJ: Absolutely, the new facility would ideally be smack in the middle of the Tower. It’d be a Rogue natural.

Haley says:

I approve of your wishes, as do many of my friends.

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