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The Beehive’s Guide to Halloween Happenings

UPDATE: Happy Halloween everyone! To help you in your journey for Halloween fun, I’m updating this post, clearing out the weekend events and adding a few new happenings for tonight. The links below are still good, so be sure to check them out too if you want something other than nightclub events.

—-> Here’s a rundown of local haunted attractions.

—-> Here’s a list of Halloween themed items from The Bee’s calendar.

—-> Below are a few dozen fliers for Halloween events.



Responses to "The Beehive’s Guide to Halloween Happenings"

Kevin says:

Halloween is great. It’s turned into a basic self reflection on ourselves as a society. Girls find any reason to dress like sluts. You’ll have pirate sluts, maid sluts, tiger sluts, cat sluts, angel sluts, devil sluts, baseball sluts, football sluts-both complete with eye black-then you have topical sluts i.e. Slutty Sarah Palin, Slutty Bristol Palin, then you have the girls that dress up like them. Slutty Justin Bieber, slutty Britney Spears (no hair), slutty Christina Aguilera (in order to be Xtina, one minute you have to be a total slut, and the next minute you go “retro” and “back to basics”. Then you go slutty. Then back to basics, and so forth. Think ~Identity crisis in fast forward and on repeat~, then you make the perfect Slutty/Straight Christina A.)

And guys? They don’t mind dressing like a douchebag to make us all laugh, so we all win.

Troll, why do hate women so much? Who didn’t hug you enough when you were a kid?
I’ve noticed this an on-going theme in your posts.
We can have a Beehive intervention to help you out or something.

Kevin says:

Dude, I said it was great. What’s so hard to understand about that Mike? I like girls dressed up as sluts. Take a look around this Halloween Mike. What seems to be the real problem here? Oh,it’s with you.

I just think you need a hug, that’s all, Mr. Trolly Troll.

Kevin says:

Dude welcome to modern day Halloween. Girls dress like sluts. Guys have a differernt apprach. Stupid ass, go back to your dwindling little blog job.

SpookyKittie says:

Wow. Did you have the word slut on command v or did you actually type it each time?

There is still plenty of costumes without the sexy theme, and maybe, just maybe, some of the people wearing sexy outfits are doing it on the one night they feel comfortable doing it.

Anyhow, some of the great costumes I have seen on adults are well thought out cosplays, hand sewn masterpieces and puns. (A friend of mine dressed up as a beet poet. Complete with turtleneck, beret, goatee and red makeup)

Kevin says:

I typed it out every time. Impressive for the average reader here, no doubt.

Astute AND witty? Holy cow.

You are correct. There are impressive costumes of the sexy and non sexy variety.

I would like to thank the fat slobs of this world for understanding which category they fall under, and even the fit, attractive whippersnappers, if they want to put a sheet over their head and call themselves Casper all night tonight, then go right ahead. But i doubt spending all year in the Gym could ever justify that. If your friend wants to dress up as a poet then go right ahead. If you’re suggesting that everyone will be dressed up like Shakespeare or a Monk as opposed to the majority dressing sexy, well then, you’re wrong. Clearly. Thank you for your time.

Kevin says:

By the way Mike, me letting Heather know that her column sucked one week and that it appealed to females doesnt make me misoygnistic or a troll. The only on going theme you should notice with my posting tendencies is that i leave captions here for Steven. Sorry youre all butt-hurt about Heather but she knew her time was nigh and she was mailing in her columns.

No, what makes you a troll is posting under different fake names trying to get a rise out of people. Like you’re doing right now.

Kevin says:

A rise? This is the same name I’ve been using Supermike. Go Captain Save a Ho on your own time brother…. If I got a rise out of you, that’s on you pally pal. What I said is truely how I feel, It’s what’s actually going on in society. It really is a self reflectionon whats going in when its not halloween: Girls dress and do anything to get guys attention, and guys have their own way of doing the same to attract females. They make them laugh, theyre successful and they flaunt it with their cars and their wint. Mike i have a helpful suggestion if you don’t like the truth. Go tell your mom. In a blog. And if you’re still scared? Make like an ostrich and go bury your head in the downtown sand outside Casino One.

Tecee says:

Mike do you have a “wint”. My husband is sooo jealous right now, he has always wanted one, but has yet to buy one. BTW, I work with 10 woman who are all dressed up today and not one is dressed as a slut.

I don’t know a “wint” is. Do I lose at Internet today?

Kevin says:

Oh boy. Tex here had it de-typoed and figured out long before he hit reply! I figured it out myself (in particular me, just like Mike)! Beehive readers are very sassy yet astute and loose. If you’re going to take the time to de-typo my mistakes, do us a favor and don’t waste your time by replying. Unless of course you want to do Mike a favor by killing the hours in his dreadfully boring sexless day.

Kevin says:

You gotta love some stupid ass replying to you saying YOU’re trying to get a rise out of people when you weren’t even talking to or at them to begin with. Well, thanks for letting me know you’re so easily riled up. You’re no Hunter Pence though Mike. Good luck to you on that Womens Lib Movement Mike but that crap was so 30 years ago. I think women will be jsut find without you, Captain Save-a-Ho. And please give me crap about that name, Captain Hypocrite, as you put on your old E-40 records this weekend and reminsice about the good ole days of hip hop. I don’t think his context and your plight are two peas in the same pod. Ya dig.

Hey man (or women, or whatever), I just think you need a hug. That’s all. Trolls need love too. I’m looking out for YOU.

Kevin says:

You replied to comments to me about the Black Keys, Satellite Radio, Radio in general Steven and many other things. This is the first time you’ve gotten all huffy with me, and I know what it’s about, it’s about Heather.
And you couldn’t be more wrong. I love women i get hugs from them almost on a daily basis. This is about having you something to do around there with your dwindling assets and increasing overhead. Were you planning on having ANOTHER kid?
Having said all that, let me play stupid. I have no idea what this is about, I am taken aback!
You’re a great blogger, you have nothing to stress or lash out at readers about!

I’m not lashing out at “readers.” I’m just letting you know that we on The Beehive — and myself in particular — recognize your trollish behavior. Personally, I think there are better uses for your time, as much as of it as you invest in trolling Bee sites. But it’s your life, Kevin (or whatever your real name happens to be).

And with that, I’m done talking to you today.

Kevin says:

Mike I’m so sorry youre the genius here with the way you arrange your fliers. Like omg who the HELL am I to make social commentary on your phone pole here? Lol. Stupid asshole, you’re welcome for stimulating the most brain activity you’ve had all month. I didn’t mean to awaken the beast! Now THANK ME. Turns out, you AREN”T some rat in the wheel. You ARE somebody! Keep telling yourself that all night Mike as the kid gets all the candy. (You say “I am somebody” not “you”. I mean you work for the Bee gotta clear that up for you.)

Kevin says:

Mike says that ‘everyone on the Beehive recognizes’ my behavior.
Well uh yeah Michael. I post on Stevens site, I use the name Kevin and the same email address. IDK?
Methinks you have a huge “troll problem” that I have nothing to do with, but seeing your true self revealed today, I certainly wouldn’t discourage because it keeps you blogger-Bee’ers on your toes obviously. Heather couldnt even say “Goodbye” without mentioning “the troll problem” in her final goodbye. How sad is that? That is all. I thought of all that on the toilet right now Mike, before my run. They say the best ideas come to you on the toilet. Your should check into a perma-toliet computer chair Mike. Can’t hurt you at this point in your career.

David Wynn SMith says:

Trunk-or-TreatBy KSEE Sales

October 29, 2012

Updated Oct 29, 2012 at 2:43 PM PDT

A safe way to celebrate Halloween at Northside Christian Church
on Nees Avenue just West of Willow Avenue.

Free Trick or Treat Candy from a ton of cars trunks. Good clean fun!!!

Stephen says:

Kevin, I’m not an apologist for the Beehive and I didn’t find anything wrong with your first post. Most of all I’m (clearly) not an admin on this site, but please take it down a notch. Calling Mike an ahole and talking about his family life is crossing the line wayyyy too far.

Mike’s radio show, bloglife, Bee writing, sure. Those are all his public life and are clearly open to criticism. But his personal life is off-limits.

Mike called you out only on your blogging habits and tried to be funny by calling you lonely or needing a hug or whatever, but since he clearly doesn’t know anything about you, he could only conjecture. You “know” a little about Mike via his posts or his stories, but you don’t really KNOW him, so let’s lay off and respect the private boundaries a bit please.

As for your sluttyslut musings, meh. Who cares. Personally I’ve seen today a clever chicken costume, a non-slutty kittycat, a woman’s suffragist (complete with classic protest sign), a raggedy ann (non slutty), a non-goth girl being totally goth, a couple Dia de Los Muerto facepainted ladies, and a tremendous disturbed doll with broken doll-face makeup.

But I, too, sure am looking forward to tonight’s slut costumes, as I’m sure they’ll be many. My faves are always the nerdsluts with too-short school uniform skirts and high boots – yummy!

Kevin says:

Tell Mike that he’s totally wrong. You are too. He accused me of hating women. Then when that didnt work, he called me a troll. Tell that freelance blogger of yours that not everyone is a troll that has 1. an opinion and 2. an opinion that differs from him. Tell Mike if there’s any confusion to what my activity on here is, there must be some sort of “history” button on here that brings up all of my posts. You’ll find the ONE where I complained about Heather’s boring ass column one day that appealed to females. Big deal. Then Captain Save a Ho decided to chime in without his computer toilet chair. Bad idea. Get this Steve: If Mike talks about his personal life on here, which he does at a drop of a hat, then they’re fair game for the public too. Do I know his mom? No. Do you know my posting habits? Click my name and you’ll see I’m anything but a woman hater. A “Misoygnist” as Heather hoped that I was not. Which I am not. But It seems like you guys have a little problem around there, on Heathers last day, in the middle of her goodbye, she actually addressed “the troll problem”. Do yourself a favor Steven and can you step into the forest so you can see the trees before you want to try and give me strife? If Mike “clearly” does not know me then Mike, who i thought was a professional, should keep the name calling down to at least a minimum wouldnt you presume Steven Mintz? Defender of anything and everything Beehive….thanks for your commentary on my commentary but no one really cares what “unsexy costumes” you saw while driving up and down Blackstone and Shaw today at Noon. The middle of the day Steve. What are you all out to prove? ME wrong? Yup.

Stephen says:

It’s pronounced ‘Steffen.’

And tone it down.

Kevin says:

Glad you asked. For tonights Halloween Party, I heard Mike is going as a major axe to grind, if thats too big to make it in, he has one of my replies that he didn’t let go through as a contingency plan.

By the way, I heard the Beehive is going to make you use your full name, email address, and ask to send you an SMS text before they approve your post on here, just like insane Facebook does. At least in Mike’s dopey ass world, he would hope they would. Ain’t that right Captain Save The Hoe? He tried starting a fight he couldn’t finish thus the “this fight is ending” white flag. He’s worse than the Detroit Tigers.

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