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UPDATE: Win tickets to ‘How to Train Your Dragon Live’

The winners of the tickets to the advance screening of  “How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular” have been selected. They are: Christina, Ben, Lita and Andrea.

ORIGINAL POST:  Opening night for the DreamWorks’ touring production “How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular” will be at the Save Mart Center Dec. 19. The production, based on the 2010 animated movies, features fire-breathing, flying dragons, some with a wing span of 46 feet.

The Beehive wants to give you a way to see the show without having to use any of your holiday money. Four winners and their guests will get to see the massive production for free.

We have four (4) family four-pack tickets to the opening night show. All the four winners will have to do is show up that evening and pick up their tickets at the will call window that gets them and three guests into the show. Just to be clear: there are four tickets for each winner.

Here’s all you have to do. Leave a comment below explaining why seeing giant dragons would make your holiday brighter. Deadline to enter is noon on Saturday.  Winners will be chosen at random and notified via e-mail, so please leave a valid address. You will be notified by 5 p.m. Dec. 17 if you are a winner.

Good luck. The rules and regulations are below.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. Winners will be picked at random. Recipients will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.


Responses to "UPDATE: Win tickets to ‘How to Train Your Dragon Live’"

Elizabeth says:

I would love to treat an employee and her children to this. Her husband lost his job in October and she has said how much her boys would enjoy this. It would help to make their Christmas very Merry!

M Rodgers says:

This would be a wonderful birthday present for my husband. He loves dragons and has been battling cancer for many years. Would love to surprise him.

Amy says:

I’m thinking the same as the earlier post. We have a family in our neighborhood who has been struggling the past few months after the father’s job cut his hours and they lost benefits, etc. Their two kids are just the right age to really enjoy the show. This would be a great holiday treat for them.

Ryan says:

My little cousin would absolutely love to see this! One of his favorite movies!!

Amy says:

My five and three year old daughters absolutely believe in all the things the rest of us are too old and boring to believe in – unicorns, santa claus, and most especially dragons. Dragons are the best of the mythological beasts and the chance to see them in person will definitely brighten their days and give them stories to set the kindergarten and preschool circuits all abuzz!

gina sandoval says:

Love live shows, and this is one even the kids will love to see! Great family time!

PTolentino says:

I loved the cartoon ” How To Train Your Dragon” and I love to attend the perfromances that come to Fresno. I am a child at heart and what better fantasy than this show. It be a wonderful gift to myself for Christmas!

Janet says:

I would love to give them to my most appreciated maintenance supervisor, so he can take his 2 young sons and wife. He lives within walking distance of Save Mart Center, and he deserves them.

T Thornton says:

would be a great holiday treat for the family!

Ms. Christine says:

I have worked with children my whole life. I would present these tickets to a foster agency as a gift for a foster family and the children with the most need to step out of their current circumstance:)

katbon says:

I think this show is going to be fun for people of all ages!

Haleyp says:

This would be a great way to spend some time with my family! :D please pick me!

Kassandra says:

My daughter’s birthday is the 22nd. I’d love to take her to this show!

Jeanette says:

I am a mother of 5 and with only my husbands income we dont get to go to events like this…so to be able to take at least 2 of my kids would be awesome…or leave my hubby home & take 3 =) all my kids actually love this movie so to see it live would be such a memorable experience for them…thank u for your time…

Maricela says:

I’d love to take my boys to see this spectacular because the last time Toy Story on Ice came to town we got to Selland Arena and tickets were sold out. They cried all the way home. I felt like a horrible mom. This would put a huge smile on their little faces. They’ve never been to a show like this. Thank you!!

Sherry Ochs says:

If I won these tickets I would take my kids. They deserve something special for all the hard work they do in school!! Straight A’s!! :) Thanks

Wes says:

I would like to see giant dragons this holiday season because I own and enjoy the original film and I’m sure to enjoy this show live, the experience would be so amazing like the walking with dinosaurs event that I’ve been before.

Jessica says:

This would make our family holiday brighter because my daughter has read all of the books– all of them. I’d love to see her face as she watches those massive animatronic things on the stage!

Tess says:

Seeing giant dragons would make my holiday brighter because not only I enjoy the animated film, I want to see it live and experience the hot burning flames coming out of the dragons especially during the holidays. This would be so fun to go!!

Claudia says:

I loved the movie, and I’m sure they have a great show for us! It would be awesome this time of year!

Dominic Grijalva says:

Would love to take my young cousins to this!

Andrea says:

Would love to attend with my boyfriend and our nephews! They absolutely love the movie, and would be thrilled to see it come alive in front of their eyes!

Frances says:

This will be such a great show to see….Thank you!

Monica says:

I would love to go with my sister, niece and nephew!

Jeanne McDaniel-Allen says:

Seeing the awesome giant dragons would make my kids beyond happy for the holidays. My middle daughter’s 10th birthday is Dec 19th. My youngest daughter luvs dragons & makes her 13 y/o brother pretend to be her flying dragon when he gives he piggyback rides. They all Luvd the movies & so did their dad & I. My son luvs to draw dragons too. This would be a wonderful opportunity for our family to get out of the house & spend family time together for the holidays. We don’t have extended family to celebrate w/ so we usually have an uneventful holiday season.
Thanks for having this contest to give us a opportunity to attend this amazing show. Happy Holidays.

Stephen says:

4 kids, 4 tickets! PERFECT combo!

now let’s see if I can actually finally win one of these contests.

Mikey says:

Dragons are awesome no matter the format, no matter the age. Hope I win.

Roxana Valdez says:

My now 8 year old has been waiting and waiting for “walking with dinosaurs” tour to come back to Fresno, I think the “how to train your dragon” show is going to be just as entertaining if not better but of course being that its so close to the Xmas season it’s a little too tight for the 4 of us..(husband, 2 kids and I) to go…Winning a family 4 pack would be amazing. Good luck to everyone :)

Mark says:

Would be an awesome treat for the family! We love our animation!

Good luck everyone and happy holidays!!

Edith says:

This experience would be great for my kids…we have never seem a live show..and with $$being really tight..this would be AWESOME!

Veronica says:

This would be a great treat for my boys. They love anything to do with dragons and so do I!

luis solis says:

My family would love to do something special for Christmas and this would be perfect!

Raquel Flores says:

“Leave a comment below explaining why seeing giant dragons would make your holiday brighter.”

My 3 year old son wakes up every morning with “How to train your dragon” dvd, his dragonology book, and his dragon toys all pointed towards the t.v., getting ready to watch the movie. Seeing this spactacular dragon show would bring so much joy to Raymeas and this family. This will also be a very good way of showing him in real life experince other then T.V. because now he is at an age where he can understand and enjoy the wander’s of a true holiday spirit event.

Wilson says:

With money being very tight around the holidays seeing Dragons live would be an experience that I will never forget, hope I get these:)

Lisa says:

I want to take my niece. She loves the movie and this would be the first live she would go to. Here’s hoping!

Tony says:

I really loved the PBS special and am dying to see some live-size dragons! So cool.

Celina says:

Dragons are my sons favorite creatures. He draws them. He colors them and have a ton of figurines in his room. This would make a super fun adventure or him.

John says:

This would blow my kids’ minds. It would be so much fun to see their excitement!…and I love that movie too…

Tony says:

Dragons, dragons, dragons. That’s all my nephews have been talking about since they heard about this. Would love to surprise them for Christmas.

Lita says:

Seeing dragons live will definitely make my holidays brighter because I’m a huge fan of the animated flick!!!!

Chris says:

Seeing How to Train your Dragon live would be a great Christmas present and I can bring my whole family, it would be very exciting!

Lv says:

Dragons are the coolest thing ever especially when seen live at this event.
Hope I can bring my friends and family and experience the Heat!!!!!!

Danno says:

Love the animated movie and this for sure would make my Christmas a lot brighter on the holidays, I wanna bring my whole family to this live experience.

Alexy says:

I would love to go with my little brother and family. We seen the movie and it was great!

Stephen Abbas says:

With all the dragons breathing fire……fire would brighten my holidays. because fire gives off light, lights makes thing brighter. Ya awesome.

Frank says:

My children would love to see this! With money so tight at my house my kids don’t get out to see a movie at a theatre never mind thinking too see a live show. This would be a chance for them to feel special by getting treated out to a show.

Tiffany says:

My Kids love this movie, we watch several times a week. This would make there Christmas the best ever!

DONNA says:

It would be amazing & exciting to see this show.


Money is very tight. The show would be a welcome gift. And I luv dragons!

wienzer says:

I have two boys, do I really need to give more of a reason why seeing giant dragons would make our Holidays?

raymond gonzalez says:

live productions are such an art. i try to expose my kids to as much as possible.

M.I. Serrano says:

I would love to win these tickets to take a friend of mine whom I absolutely adore! She had mentioned the idea of going to the show, but after looking at the ticket prices, we just never thought much of it after. But I know she is really wanting to go. Just recently, she had her purse stolen. She is not upset about the cards, wallet, or actual purse that was stolen. I believe she is more upset about a handwritten note given to her from her mother who had passed away some time ago. She carries this handwritten note with her everywhere as she loved her mother very much. I would love nothing more than to make her holidays a bit more delightful with tickets to see this show.

Brenda says:

The previews look like it would be an amazing show and we would love to see it.

Marie says:

Judging from seeing all the commercials on T.V this should be very fun to experience live around the holidays! This would certainly brighten my Christmas holidays:)

Ben says:

My litte girl would love to see this.

Efren says:

I took my grandchildren to see the movie and we loved it!!! It would be awesome to take them to see the live show!

Ks says:

This would certainly bright up my holiday season, I really really want to see this live at the Save Mart Center:)

Lisa says:

Seeing life size dragons would be a fun, memorable experience for me and my family. Everyone’s been talking about how awesome this shows looks.

Christina says:

Times have been rough the past few months and this would be such a blessing for my family to win these.

Rise says:

My two boys love all that dragon and fire breathing stuff. This would be a nice treat.

Donna B. says:

Seeing dragons would be a great Christmas gift on the holidays and live show looks awesome when I saw the promos for it:)

Dan says:

I hope I can bring my family and friends to this dragon live event and it would be for sure to brighten my Christmas season indeed!!

Kristi says:

I sooo want to really win these tickets and I know it would make this season very jolly because I saw the Walking with Dinosaurs in the past and that was extremely fun, so I know this one will be even way better!!!!!!

Jose Ruiz says:

I would love to see this spectacular production, I love the whole aspect of the production. This arena show is definitely a must see, I really want to go but being a college student budget its becoming a little impossible. I would love to be one of the winners! :D

Jose Ruiz says:

* I was too excited about the show I forgot to answer the question! Watching dragons would make my holiday better, one because I would be able to take my family and two its the end of the semester and winning the tickets would an early Christmas gift!

miss ovalle says:

I have some neighbors that would love this package. They are a well deserving people that don’t have a lot. What better way to say Merry Christmas but with a little fantasy of dragons.

brenda joyce dupree says:

I would greatly appreciate winning these tickets to this show to take my two gransons, 8 and 12 years old. iT WOULD BE AN AWESOME CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO SURPRISE THEM BY WINNING TICKETS FOR THIS SHOW

Eca Cancel says:

I have an adorable grandson who is having surgery on the 10th of january . My daughter and grandson would b very grateful to go see fantasy of dragons :)

Michelle Rae Parks says:

Pick me,pick me!!! ;) We saw the movie and loved it.I would love to take my daughter and grand-daughter to see How to Train Your Dragon.December 19th is my daughter’s 31st birthday.It would be really fun to go see this and have my childhood dreams come to life and to be able to share that with my daughter and granddaughter.

Eileen says:

Sorry hit reply too soon.

Dragons represent fantasy and dreams. Sharing that with the family is a wonderful experience.

cyrillia says:

I would love to take my 61/2 year old son to see this production. He’s had a lot of rough changes this year, he saw the movie in the theater, and it was one of his favorite movies (I also love it). We also were fortunate enough to be able to see the ” walking with dinosaurs” production a few years back (still has his tail), and lived it! I was laid off for three months and Christmas is still going to be awesome bug it would be magical to be able to surprise him with this. Thank you!

Cheryl says:

Oh man… what a bummer, I missed the deadline. Hmmm well, I’ll tell you anyway why I’d like to have won the tickets. Oh the innocence of youth… my two grand children in particular. My grandson aged 5 and his little sister aged three…… God bless ‘em. My son-in-law works for Bank of America and is going to be losing his job in 9 months… ouch right? My daughter and her husband were so sad…crying & talking about this impending doom… when my grandson pipes up, “Well, now you can go work for Toyota.” A true car buff at such a tender age… thinking his daddy could make a bundle selling cars. Anywho, they would totally believe in the dragons flying around and more than likely want one as a pet…. and I being the fabulous grandmother that I am… would have to see about getting him one. *wink* Ohhhhhhhhhh the precious sweet children of the world huh…. with the recent tragedies of all those children being killed— it just makes a person want to give the moon and stars to keep them believing in everything good… okokok, getting punchy here– time for bed :-)
big hugs,
Cheryl over @ Artsy Fartsy—>

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