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Tonight: Broncho gives you a reason to be social on a Monday night

If you dig two-minute-long, screw-everything punk/garage rock, go see Broncho tonight at Fulton 55. The Oklahoma band plays with two Fresno vets: It’ll Grow Back (a punk band that keeps things short and energetic) and Sparklejet (a power three-piece who keeps things loud and … ummm, loud). It’s a treat to see Sparklejet these days, let alone on a Monday night.

Below you can check out a cool Broncho cut called “I Don’t Really Want to be Social.” Gives you a good idea of what the band is about. Showtime is 8:30 p.m. Tickets: $5-7.

Responses to "Tonight: Broncho gives you a reason to be social on a Monday night"

Matt P. says:

The fact that I can always expect a show in Fresno on a Monday night, is proof enough that naysayers are wrong when they say there’s nothing to do in Fresno. I personally am rarely ‘going out’ on Monday nights, because — it’s a freaking Monday — and I’m still recovering from the weekend, and trying to settle into the upcoming week (like most people), etc….. BUT, again, always good to know there’s shows going on if I can muster up the energy to attend.

I’ll admit, even myself, before learning how to ‘look in the right places’ (local blogs, local online, etc), I too, was one of these naysayers claiming that there wasn’t much to do here; worse, I was telling non-Fresnans who didn’t live here the same!

Just glad I was proven wrong in the last several years. After finding Beehive, and eventually following the right people on Twitter (especially Love The Captive, who we can thank for tonight’s show), I quickly realized that there was TOO MUCH TO DO IN FRESNO.

Seriously. It’s actually frustrating, w/ a full-time job, running a business, etc.

Again, if you tap into the right local networks, and are open-minded… I guarantee that Fresnans can fill-up their calender with EASILY 3 – 4 events / shows to attend PER week here.

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