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Responses to "CAPTION THIS: Scribble No. 093"

Kevin says:

Dont worry about that kid, hes [a dope] and buried himself in the sand, even left his gummy worms in the sun. Follow me.

Ray Arthur says:

Really Kevin? In this day and age?

Kevin says:

Really Ray Ray. So what exactly troubles you here? Let me address them all and be gone with you. George Carlin just called. He says free yourself from your child fetish, your rush to judgement as to what my context was, and your political correctness, as well as the fact that ants WILL steal your gummy worms if you leave them out! That doesnt make them thugs!

Did the word (a dope) I used insinuate to you that I meant negative connotation and towards the fake imaginary kid- who just might be someone who makes dopey decisions-i.e burying yourself in sand. Does calling him (a dope) literally make him (a dope)?
Does that mean ALL ants are thugs that choose to raid your gummy worms?

Yeah yawn, I’m already bored with this. And no one but you, I and Steven know what we’re bickering over. Great for this column huh.

If you hadnt said anything, it wouldnt have been moderated. I hope I’ve helped you figure out what your priorities are in life, because you’d hate to hear how the guys talk on a night out on the town. Try it sometime. Otherwise I have no clue what your contention could be. Something tells me I couldnt give a crap either. People do stupid things and innocents suffer worse consequences. Its called life. You know the girl that was killed on 99? Yeah that driver that hit her was (a dope) <–(moderated so everyone can be sanitized fresh safe and clean) The wahbulance just stopped by, I gave them your email. Bye.

Alex says:

So they said this was the looking rock I thought it meant something else.