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Responses to "CAPTION THIS:Scribble No. 092"

Kevin says:

Debby, I think thats Carrot Top. He doesnt understand….Here let me try.

“Hey Carrot Top….can you Carrot Stop?”

Uh oh now hes flexing. The guys pretty buff though, Tracy.

DebV says:

Hey girls, what do ya think? Am I hot or what?

Jay Berman says:

“Damn, Eddie. You gotta stop smokin’ that stuff.”

Kiel says:

Yes, the carpet does match the drapes.

APJ says:

I see you’re thinking of both of us, again.

pk says:

Looks like that “Hot,Hot,Hot” Guy!!

Dwayne DeManty says:

Hey kid, We do not care about the S F GIANTS and/or the All-Star Game heroes….we are on a beautiful beach in L A and the DODGERS are in first place…bye bye baby panda

Ray Arthur says:

Excuse me girls,
do either of you have any SPF 8,000,000?

Scott Rader says:

Well this guy’s a flaming homosapien, if I’ve ever seen one