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Responses to "CAPTION THIS: Scribble No. 029"

John says:

Baby, you are dy-no-mite!

pk says:

Hey there Glitter girl….how’s about you and I making some sparks fly!

Jay Berman says:

“You’re with TNT? Other than ‘Southland,’ that’s not a very good network. You should have kept that Ray Romano-Andre Braugher show that you cancelled last year.”

Alex says:

Tim had found the love of his life. It was a short explosive affair his friends would say later.

Lisa Van de Water says:

What’s hotter and shorter than a summer romance?

SW Parra says:

“Gosh, I may have used that line before!”

SW Parra says:


SW Parra says:


Kristie says:

” I know it’s cliche; you’ve sparked a flame in my heart.”
“Aw, you’re cute. But I’m not going to go all to pieces over you.”

Ray Arthur says:

And it was at that very last second that Willie the Worm realized just how bad his farsightedness had become.

SW Parra says:

More cliche: “You are DA BOMB”