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Responses to "CAPTION THIS: Scribble No. 027"

Alex says:

“Everyone keeps telling me my breathe smells like garlic, but trust me that’s impossible.”

Ray Arthur says:

The iron pills don’t seem to be helping but fangs anyway.

Teresa says:

You don’t understand,doc. There’s a lot at stake here.

SW Parra says:

Very funny! Especially because I often cook with garlic and my wife is a fan of the Twilight Series.

SW Parra says:

Haha! Teresa — you can just ‘hear’ him saying that!

Scott says:

doc, I keep coughing up blood

SW Parra says:

Scott! I just posted — (Haha! very funny, what a great way to start my weekend work shift)

@dollgina says:

“I’m not getting enough vitamin A negative.”