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Responses to "Caption This: Scribble No. 10"

Alex says:

…If I only had two legs!

So, you think you can just roll in and out of my life?

Did you bring the lube?

SW Parra says:

… it was at that moment that Glen became a cyclepath.

Famous says:

“Jack, I know we came up here to fetch some water, but we’ve got time for one quick ride down, right?”

Mike Oz says:

“If you tell me one more time that I look like Sandra Bernhard, I’m going to pop your tire.”

SW Parra says:

that’s awesome Travis — is that the GAP BAND?

SW Parra says:

Hahahahaha! “Pop your tire” – xlnt

Jody says:

Why, yes, Roland, I *do* have an axle to grind with you.

Joel says:

“What the f are we?”