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Entertainment suggestions for the weekend

There are several good entertainment choices for the weekend.

“Ask Obama Live: An MTV Interview with the President,” 5 p.m. MTV: As part of MTV’s “Power of 12” election campaign, President Barack Obama will address the concerns of young voters in this cable special. It should be interesting. Former President Bill Clinton was asked about his underwear during a similar event on the cable channel. Little did we know then the importance of that question. Please note that the “live” part of this program is only on the East Coast.

“Cloud Atlas”:Not since “2001: A Space Odyssey” has a film come along that’s such a marvel of moviemaking and a frustrating test of comprehension as “Cloud Atlas.” The latest work by Andy and Lana Wachowski, the minds behind “The Matrix,” re-imagines the art of moviemaking by creating a product that finds cohesion in confusion, distinction in disorder and symmetry in asymmetry.

“Alcatraz: The Complete Series”: The short-lived FOX series from J.J. Abrams looks at what happens when all of the guards and prisoners at the prison vanish, then begin reappearing years later. It’s “Lost” meets “Prison Break.” The series was canceled despite strong writing and acting after only 13 episodes. Sarah Jones portrays a strong hero, while Jorge Garcia offers just the right amount of humor to keep this show from being too dark. It also features the always reliable Sam Neill.

Responses to "Entertainment suggestions for the weekend"

Christy says:

Excited about seeing Cloud Atlas! Also, I loved the show Alcatraz and am still disappointed it was cancelled. As far as I’m concerned, J.J. Abrams can do no wrong.

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