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How’s that Bieber pre-sale thing working out?

One Beehive reader decided to go the pre-sale route for Justin Bieber’s upcoming show in Fresno — and it was not a smooth experience. Marsha Conant wrote late this morning:

After spending 2 hours on line this morning trying to get Beiber tickets for my teenage daughter, I have nothing in hand except frustration! Joined the fan club but could not re-access the site to get the code to use after paying a $29 quarterly membership! The site is down, I am sure because of the tremendous volume! Tried to get info on the meet and greet VIP packages, was not successful. Tried to find out about the American Express pre-sale starting tomorrow as I have an AE card, cannot find anything. Did find secondary tickets already on sale, the best ones available on the floor were $707 and it went from 4 available to 2 right before my eyes! Pre-sales, memberships its all a gimmick to jack up ticket prices! And desperate parents play exorbitant amounts for tickets! This reminds me of the Hannah Montana tour a few years ago! That was also a mess!

She followed up a few hours later:

I relogged on at 12:30 pm and was able to get 2 tickets at $200 each. The original tickets were no longer available!

Wait a second. $200 to see Bieber? I thought this was supposed to be a show with a top ticket price of $79.50. I wonder how good/bad the seats for sale June 2 will be?

Any other pre-sale stories to share, Beehivers?

Responses to "How’s that Bieber pre-sale thing working out?"

bradley says:

$200 for the beeb.


Stephen says:

Most sites need you to be registered BEFORE the tickets go on presale in order to take advantage of that particular presale.

So if the Biebs goes to another site and presale tix are released after today, Marsha likely won’t have a problem getting in on the deal…if she gets there before everyone else.

$200 for a kid to make your kid scream her fool head off. Hm.

Blanca M says:

Same thing happened to me, I joined the fan club at about 10am.. And tried to log on for about 2 hours to get the presale code with no luck. After almost giving up, I tried again at about 11:50am and was able to get on my fan-club profile and get my presale code. I was on ticketmaster at exactly 12pm and the tickets that were coming up were far from presale worthy! Even the VIP Tickets were way in the back. After about 40-50 minutes of trying, both on my iPhone and computer, I was able to get 2 tickets on section 121 for $195 (convinience fee+ delivery fee and whatever other fees they charge)! Got lucky I guess. Needless to say, the look on my sons face when I shared the news, made it all worth it.

Ashley says:

Can’t feel sorry for anyone who chooses to buy tickets. Think about what you are paying all that money for. Is an 18 year old pop singer really worth it? He is just the fad of the moment. Just like so many before him, he will be old news in a short while.

Remember when Miley Cyrus was the enormous star? What is she doing now? Her latest movie was a total failure. She was as big as Bieber.

mdub420 says:

Why do we need a follow up blog on some parent’s experience buying tickets for the Bieb? if ur able to buy tickets for ur kids, pat urself on the back and move on. We don’t need to here about the horrors of people spending their money on tickets. Let’s get real.

Dropping Loads says:

I know its funny to make fun of the beeb, and say parents are nuts, but look at the big picture, folks. This pre sale fan club, special codes and American express only garbage may be the future , including good concerts and sporting events

Mike B says:

I find it sad that fans are being fleeced in such a manner. The secondary market prior to presale are the artist/promoter trying to recoup the anticipated scalped ticket price. It’s a gimmick that Lil Wayne did on his tour as well. These tickets and plenty of them, some even listed for exorbitant prices, will be had for face value at the presale through A/E and the public sale date will have plenty of good face value tickets, in good locations. The fan club does not guarantee better seats, thats why the secondary market is active right now. The same goes with the A/E presale. However, with the A/E presale you would get to preview where your seats would be located and face value prior to purchasing.

Paul says:

$200 for Bieber tickets???? You have to be kidding!!! I only paid $125 for the Rolling Stones when they came to town and had great seats! (and those were the most expensive concert tickets I have ever bought).

PaigezDad says:

I TRIED to get pre-sale tickets for my daughter by joining the fan club. And, after several days of intermittent attempts, I am unable to find tickets for the Savemart performance on Oct 5th. There are several online sites with tickets at a premium price. But, evidently there are NO TICKETS at any of the advertised prices. The consumer has so many ways to get gouged:
- Pay the $35 ($29 +5) to join the fan club;
- Pay the premium price charged by the ticket retailers;
- Stand in line the day tickets are released to the General Public (Jun 2nd?) and probably not get a ticket;
- Pay the mandatory handling, shipping, processing charges attached to purchasing any ticket from any source
- etc

I am so disappointed that my daughter will be unable to attend a concert that she was looking forward to.

Cortney says:

I waited all week to buy the meet and greet pass which was only 500 on ticket master. I am not part of the fan club, but i figured they would save some for normal people who aren’t part of it! Anyway, the tickets were ALL sold out before they even went on sale to the general public!!

What I am seeing here is that the ppl who got to get pre-sale, bought ALL the tickets and are selling them online for extremely expensive.

I FINALLY found some for 600 a peice for close to the stage. Whoever sold those tickets did not pay more then 300 dollars for them. They are selling the meet and greet tickets they got for over 3 thousand dollars!

I think it is messed up that they are taking something good and turning it into scamming people.

Cortney says:

uh why are u even on here