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Facebook photo of the day


This is a terrific production poster, direct from Children’s Musical Theaterworks artistic director Skyler Gray’s Facebook page. The poster offers a perfect vibe for this upcoming show from the company’s edgy new “Underground at CMT” production arm. Love that font, too.

Responses to "Facebook photo of the day"

Andrea M says:

I saw Spring Awakening in New York when Lea Michele was still playing the lead. She was amazing of course, as was the whole cast. I’m so excited to see that its being done by a local company. Can’t wait to see it again!

Stephen says:

I’m torn in so many ways about this.

I think if one is going to do Spring Awakening, then they should just do it – and not cut anything.

I really liked when CalArts did RENT awhile ago (the talent was amazing!), but they cut some of the language and the same-sex kisses. New viewers wouldn’t really have known, but it has an effect and I’m sure the creators wouldn’t be pleased.

Now with Spring Awakening as an “Underground” production (I don’t know about that either, but I’m THRILLED it’s being done here), I hear some of the same censorship cuts are being made.

But with this show, cutting some of the more mature material can really hurt the impact, wouldn’t you say? The show’s nudity is there for a very good reason and isn’t gratuitous. The heavier scenes and actions are very important, I would think. And yet someone new to the material won’t miss it – but won’t they be slightly less impacted than originally intended?

What do you think, Donald?

Is it worth lessening the impact (even slightly) in order to have CMT do shows like this?

They took Tommy almost to the limit and were able to deliver the same impact with Dirty Uncle Ernie, but I don’t think this show lends itself as well to the cuts.

Dominic says:


I was in that production of RENT at CalArts. The cuts you are referring to were not done by our Director’s choice. We had the rights to the school edition cut of the show (which was put together by Jonathan Larson’s estate) and when we received the scripts all of those things were excised from the libretto and score.

Amelia says:

I’m looking forward to this. I don’t know whether or not the authors have anticipated changes; sometimes acting scripts come with acceptable cuts and substitutions for provincial audiences. Otherwise, it’s not okay to change the script. I didn’t see the show on Broadway; maybe the nudity was a directorial choice rather than in the script. There’s certainly going to be some buzz about this show.

Donald Munro says:

I haven’t looked into the specifics of this situation, Stephen. I did see the Broadway production of “Spring Awakening,” but I sat in the mezzanine and don’t have a memory of excessive nudity in that show. (I recall the production making a big deal out of one of the male characters mooning the audience, plus a sex scene that went to black.) For me, the adult content in the show is more about the themes and the lyrics.

How CMT is choosing to handle those issues will be interesting to see. In general, I know that some playwrights have specific requirements that language and nudity can’t be cut even in community theater productions. (I’ve heard that “Equus” is one of those shows.) Other playwrights/publishers, aware that the commercial potential of the work takes a dive if it’s too much for most communities, offer directors more wiggle room. (And some authorize specific school editions, which Dominic indicates above was the case with “RENT” at Cal Arts.) As the show approaches, I’ll be sure to dive into this issue.

I guess an important question is: Will the Fresno production be singing “Totally F***ed” as written?

Kris_gee says:

Details about our production can be found here:

We hope to see you all there!