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ValleyWho Central: Writer and waver in tight battle

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There are less than six hours left to vote in Round 2 of The Beehive’s ValleyWho contest, and the closest race is between The Waving Lady, who has a narrow 52-48 lead over poet Gary Soto. The contest has drawn more than 2,600 registered users, and voters have taken an obvious shine to Ms. Lady, who as a No. 16 seed knocked off former mayor Alan Autry. Who says pressing the flesh (or at least waving at it) doesn’t pay off?

Polls close at 8 p.m. for ValleyWho, the Beehive’s March Madness-style game that will wind up crowning our favorite local icon. (For those who don’t know about ValleyWho, here’s a quick link to all you need to know.)

Among the late developments:

RYAN BEATTY VS. STEVE PERRY: Beatty, the young Internet singing sensation, has been creeping up on the former lead singer of Journey all day. Perry is leading right now at 53% of the vote. At one point, Beatty was in the low 30s against Perry, but he overcame a similar deficit in the first round. Will his fans come through?

CHRIS COLFER VS. TRENT DILFER: This race appears to be tightening as well. Colfer, the “Glee” star, is up with 57% of the vote, but former Fresno State quarterback Dilfer has been narrowing his lead all day.

THEODORE KUCHAR VS. ARTHUR DYSON: At one point, architect Dyson was leading Kuchar, the conductor of the Fresno Philharmonic, by a comfortable 10-point margin, but that lead has narrowed to a 51-49 advantage.

DAN PESSANO VS. LORENZO NEAL: It looks like Pessano, the Good Company Players godfather, could be in trouble. Neal, the football star, is leading 56-44.

Reader feedback

In a published letter to the editor this morning, Jane M. Cleave writes:

In your recent list of our Central San Joaquin Valley’s favorite folks (which was great!), it surprised and distressed me and others not to see the name of Larry Balakian in that group of fine and talented citizens. He is one of our most energetic and selfless promoters of Fresno’s and our Valley’s worthy causes.

He has brought many celebrities to Fresno and always elevates what is good and remarkable about the people and attractions in the area.

He has loyally served our community for many years and is an enthusiastic promoter of Fresno State University and its fine programs in the arts. Larry Balakian’s contributions to our community are to be celebrated.

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Responses to "ValleyWho Central: Writer and waver in tight battle"

DV says:

Including “The Waving Lady” gives me a sick feeling. She doesn’t have a name? Oh, that’s right. She’s not a human being, she’s a joke. Way to go, Fresno.

robert essen says:

DV, this is just for fun. Until the clicks stop coming. OK, well, I guess it’s for the clicks. Never mind you’re right.

Tommy says:

For fun is right…with 2600 registered voters mostly from Fresno,I don’t think Fresnans get to usher in the newly crowned icon for the whole central valley.

Tommy says:

I will say that in the Fresno area,I’m tracking a booming success of online activity,but it pit-falls once you get outside of the Fresnan facebookers,twitterers…etc etc.That’s why I say that it should have been called “Fresno Who”…then it wouldn’t be too big a bite for them to chew.It would be too easy for anyone(with help) to campaign a Vote For The Worst type of online chatter…lol…tempting.I happen to run a “nefarious”(so I have been labled by some…lol) amount of town profiles on facebook that actually tract very well the activity or chatter of valley happenings.The real interesting events get a fair balance of chatter from Fresno to Visalia and everything between.This Valley Who is evidently showing me that Fresnans are mainly taking part and should be taken lightly considering that the whole valley really isn’t participating as much as Fresnans.Is it a fun contest that is interesting?I think so,why else would I take the time to discuss the opposite side VS. the optimistic view that this actually means something valid for the winner:)

DV says:

If the vote for the Waving Lady is meant affectionately–okay. Still…the Naked Cowboy may be a NYC icon, but if New Yorkers were voting to pick ONE icon, would they really go for the Naked Cowboy? I don’t think so, even if it’s meant in fun. Personally, much as I respect William Saroyan, I’ll be disappointed if he wins. I’d like to see someone living get the beehive bump. And I agree with Tommy Olsen–this will probably turn out to be more of a Fresno icon than a Valley one. Am I taking this too seriously? Yeah. Never mind.