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ValleyWho Central: Colfer pulls ahead. Take that, raisins.

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UPDATE 3/19: First-round results are in! Voting has started for the second round.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: With just eight hours to go before the “polls” close for the first round of our ValleyWho competition, some interesting developments:

  • Poet Gary Soto seems to be pulling away from ABC 30 anchor Graciela Moreno. He’s leading with 53% of the vote. Who knew a poet could take on a TV personality?
  • Speaking of TV, Channel 24 anchor Stefani Booroojian has been climbing steadily in the voting. She’s up to 42% against Richard “Jaws” Kiel. Her trajectory is similar to Internet singing sensation (and former Children’s Musical Theaterworks star) Ryan Beatty, who has battled his way up from the high 20s in his race against coach Pat Hill. Beatty now has 42% of the vote.
  • In perhaps the most dramatic turnaround, No. 1 seed and “Glee” star Chris Colfer has swapped leads with the California Raisins. Colfer now has 53% of the vote after being stuck in the low 40s for most of the contest. Will the dried-fruit surge dry up?

The good news: If you haven’t yet voted, there’s still time. The first round ends at 8 p.m. For those who don’t know about ValleyWho, here’s a quick link to all you need to know.)

Responses to "ValleyWho Central: Colfer pulls ahead. Take that, raisins."

Amy says:

I’m not surprised by Gary Soto’s surge. He’s a poet, but he’s probably much better known for his novels and shorts stories for young people, particularly Living Up the Street, which is a favorite with high school and middle school students. He really is a Central Valley treasure.