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ValleyWho Central: Graciela in a nail-biter

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Time once again for a ValleyWho update, this on the second day of voting as we head toward an 8 p.m. Sunday deadline for the end of the first round of competition.

(For those who don’t know about ValleyWho, here’s a quick link to all you need to know.)

Let’s get down to the Beehive’s March Madness:


GRACIELA MORENO VS. GARY SOTO: It’s so close that as of this writing, only ONE vote separates the two. (That’s out of more than 950 registered ValleyWho voters, according to Jody Murray, our hard-working online content producer, who has been obsessing over the stats like a baseball fan in a pennant race.)

ALAN AUTRY VS. THE WAVING LADY: In what could be a major upset, No. 1 seed Autry is trailing with 47% of the votes — a pretty good lead for the No. 16-seeded Lady. (Potential headline after first round: “Autry waves goodbye to ValleyWho.) But there’s still more than two full days of voting left. Perhaps “Bubba” fans do their best voting on the weekends.

DAVID MAS MASUMOTO VS. ANDY FINCH: With Philip Levine off to a comfortable lead in his race and Soto locked in a tight battle in his, another author is pulling down some strong numbers. Masumoto currently has a 54%-46% advantage over Olympic snowboarder Finch.


HEIDI BLICKENSTAFF VS. SID HAIG: Wow. Blickenstaff, a No. 15 seed, is still pulling down 63% of the vote over No. 2 seeded Haig. And those numbers have been consistent throughout the contest.

RAY APPLETON VS. JENIFER ALCORN: The No. 2-seeded Appleton, with 29% of the vote, hasn’t made up any ground against Alcorn, a No. 15 seed. The Beehive has gotten a couple of snarky comments from Appleton fans saying we set him up with too tough of a contender in the first round, but, seriously, what did they want? For him to go against Parker instead? (For the record, William Saroyan is comfortably dispatching the Grizzlies mascot, pulling down 83% of the vote.)

CHRIS COLFER VS. THE CALIFORNIA RAISINS: Looks like a certain “Glee” star isn’t feeling as much hometown love as we were expecting. He’s at 44%. Those raisins can be mean.


Among our favorite Facebook posts and Tweets:

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So … would it have been less of a “liberal hatchet job” if we’d matched up Autry against Crazy Bernie? 


Responses to "ValleyWho Central: Graciela in a nail-biter"

Smokey Behr says:

The brackets were built wrong. There should have been different brackets for the authors/ artists, local TV/radio, national TV/radio/stage/screen, and everyone else..

Mike Oz says:

I’m obviously biased — but I think the apples-to-oranges comparison is what makes this fun.

Nikki says:

It was kinda sad to see Chris against a dried fruit…at least make it human vs human!

Stephen says:

I’m torn between you and SmokeyBehr. I like the set-up now, but it might have been more fair doing it with categories.

Having said that, there really isn’t a decent way to categorize all those fine folks – where would we put Parker and Crazy Bernie and Bobby Salazar and of course the Waving Lady?

Terry Lewis would have still likely gone against Kopi, tho.

I do think the Ray Appleton voting is skewed due to lack of popularity among the liberal crowd – Ray fans would jump in a heartbeat if Ray made a deal out of it, but he won’t give this liberal contest the time of day as I’m sure he feels it’s beneath him.

Still, for all his detractors and haters of his blimp-sized ego, Ray really has transformed this town for the better, and has been doing it for years and years. His talk show is a perennial #1, and he’s done it all from music to promotions to the Civil War reenactment to the flyovers and air shows to comedy etc etc.

I love Heidi lots, but I voted for Ray. I love the waving lady bunches, but Alan Autry made his name eons ago as Carlos Brown the Riverdale QB made good. He played for the Packers, made himself a pretty terrific media career, came back and got lots of people paid through his film work and acting workshops, and has always been a huge proponent of Fresno nationally. I voted for Alan also.

Crazy Bernie says:

Crazy bernie here. If this is a personality contest then it’s all good. I wouldn’t expect to pull many votes given the fact that most people think I’m just a “pitchman” for a furniture store (as the bee described me). In fact, I happen to have been a resident of the valley for over 32 years. In that time I owned 3 local businesses, one of which created 1000′s of jobs over the 17 years. In the past 10 years I have owned World Furniture Direct, and now “Crazy Bernie” which between the two of them have saved the people of the valley millions of dollars. Last time I checked, Audra mcDonald has created NO jobs and has never saved anyone one red cent in Fresno. In fact, the star of stage moved OUT of fresno as soon as it was humanly possible.