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Thursday: Guadalupe Rivera Marin at Fresno State


Consider her the child of artistic royalty. Guadalupe Rivera Marin, the daughter of the great Mexican artist Diego Rivera, visits Fresno State for a free public event 7 p.m. Thursday. She will discuss growing up in Mexico with her father, whom she describes as a larger-than-life figure who created unforgettable images of working people, industrial machines and life in Mexico. From Fresno State’s press office:

Rivera Marín will share her children’s book “My Papá Diego and Me: Memories of My Father and His Art.” The bilingual presentation will be illustrated with rare family portraits and 14 reproductions of her father’s artistry that hold a special place in her memory, while offering readers snapshots of her childhood.

The free public event is scheduled at the Satellite Student Union. A book signing will follow the presentation. Copies of Rivera Marín’s books will be available for purchase.

The event is part of Fresno State’s Center for Creativity and the Arts‘ year-long series examining Immigration, migration and labor from various artistic perspectives.

Responses to "Thursday: Guadalupe Rivera Marin at Fresno State"

Israel says:

A very interesting lady to say the least. I met her sort of by accident months back. I live minutes from the ‘Anahuacalli’ a museum and only architectural project Diego did. I had the afternoon free and decided to walk there and look at the Day of the death preparations. Instead I found her talking about one of her books ‘Los círculos de los dioses’ we talked for a bit. She had many interesting things to say.