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New York Times loves Audra in ‘Porgy and Bess’


New York Times critic Ben Brantley loved Fresno’s favorite Broadway star, Audra McDonald, in the out-of-town tryout of the new adaptation of “The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess” that opened last fall. In his review of the Broadway production, which opened Thursday night, he went positively weak-kneed:

But suddenly an elemental force takes possession of the stage, and its tremors course through the audience.That’s the storm raging within a woman who’s tearing herself to pieces before our eyes, fighting with her infernal attraction to a man she knows she should be fleeing. For devastating theatrical impact, it’s hard to imagine any hurricane matching the tempest that is the extraordinary Audra McDonald’s Bess at the moment she is reunited with her former lover, Crown, played by Phillip Boykin.

As for the rest of the show: Brantley thinks it’s “just pretty good.” But as for Audra, she’s great. Could this be a fifth Tony award in the making?

Photo / New York Times

Responses to "New York Times loves Audra in ‘Porgy and Bess’"

m says:

Does anyone know if she’ll be in a new soundtrack recording of this show? thanks.

Just returned home from New York to find your comments on Porgy and Bess. I was fortunate to see the show last Sunday while it was still in previews. The cast cd will be out this week acording to the sales vendors in the lobby.
The show was great and Audra even greater. She embraces the character and when she sings, it creates a magic filled with so much emotion that you are feeling her pain. So moving, the tears just rolled down my cheeks. After the last opera version of Porgy and Bess I felt that it would be okay to put the show to rest, but this production was the best and there could be an encore performance if I were in New York.
It’s a “must see” and another Tony for