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Bidding adieu to Linda Quinn

Fresno City College theater professor Debbi Shapazian reminds me that a very special person on the college’s faculty is retiring:

Just wanted to let you know that Linda Quinn is going to retire from teaching acting classes at Fresno City College and we are having a reception after the Dec. 10 matinee performance of “Drunken City” to honor her. She has been with us for a very long time and has worked her magic on many students who had no idea what theatre was. Sometimes a counselor just plopped them into the class and even though they may not have pursued a career in the arts they walked away a better human being.

Here’s a nice piece in the Fresno City College paper on Quinn, who has taught at the college since 1975. In it she talks about the connection she has with her students:

As soon as you walk into my classroom, you become my baby. I love the students, and I feel their love for me.

The college and the Fresno theater community will certainly miss her teaching.

Responses to "Bidding adieu to Linda Quinn"

Tina Shelley says:

I was so proud to have been one of her “babies.” :) She always made me believe I could do it…it’s been a joy knowing her :)

Rosalinda Cooper says:

Noooooooo!!!!! How did I miss this??? I would have SO been there!!! I and so many of my friends are her babies & VERY proud of it!