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Did they just say Fresno … sort of?

In last night’s episode of the sitcom smash “Modern Family,” Phil (the father) takes his oldest daughter to visit his alma mater, which appears to be Fresno State — though the university is never mentioned by name. Beehive reader Cliff Nitschke writes:

Did you see “Modern Family” tonight? Phil took his daughter to his Alma Mater Fresno State, but it was filmed at UCLA. They even mention street names where the Frat Houses are located. Interesting…one of the writers must have a connection to CSUF. Nice Fresno reference although it isn’t directly mentioned.

How do we know it’s Fresno State in the episode? The clues:

  • In the opening scene we see Phil wearing a red “Bulldog” sweatshirt, and there’s a running gag between him and Claire (his wife) about whether the mascot is the Bulldogs or the Bullfrogs.
  • Claire mentions that she has a free night because her husband is “upstate” with her daughter.
  • And the clincher: When Phil uses GPS to track his daughter, he learns her location is at “Cedar and Los Alamos” at a fraternity house. (I couldn’t find a Los Alamos on Mapquest, but there is indeed a Fresno intersection of Cedar and Alamos right by campus.)

By the way, it’s one of the funniest “Modern Family” episodes I’ve seen recently.

Responses to "Did they just say Fresno … sort of?"

Pris says:

Yes! I totally noticed all the little clues and the fact that their bulldogs were also blue and red. Go bullfrogs!!

Kelly says:

I KNEW IT! They were eating buffalo wings by the school too! **hint hint**

Beth Bridges says:

I think there’s a little side street called Los Alamos a little north of Barstow. Off Cedar. So there you go.

Eric Paul Zamora says:

i think the library they walked past was FCC’s.

JayDubFresno says:

Phil took her to his alma matter which was the University of Oregon. I am sure they changed the mascot to avoid any kind of trademark issues. Also that is definitely not any building at FCC. And there are no hills at either city or state when he is talking to his wife on the phone.
Also, it is my experience that there is a wing place near every college campus I have ever been to. And I have NEVER heard anyone in California refer to anywhere as ‘upstate’ Having said all of this, if you cover one eye and close the other, you can maybe see that this has something to do with Fresno…I mean they are looking at schools in the early fall, guessing September with the football team and leaves all still on the trees…NO ONE in Fresno is wearing a hoodie. It is still 95 degrees here. Oh well…