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Stage roundup

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I’m so bleary-eyed from going to performances that I’ve almost lost track myself of all the theater going on this weekend. In Friday’s issue of 7 I have two condensed reviews, so here for easy access are the extended versions for “Dreamgirls” and “The Wizard of Oz.” Plus, here’s the extended review for “Rancho Tesoro” in Visalia (pictured), which I wrote about in Thursday’s paper.

Opening this weekend: “The Turn of the Screw” at the Broken Leg Stage. I have an interview in Friday’s 7 section with Brooke Aiello, who plays the governess in this creepy tale.

And don’t forget “The Aristocats” at Children’s Musical Theaterworks, which was part of my cover-story theater roundup last Friday in 7.

Three of the above are in their final days: “Wizard of Oz,” “Rancho Tesoro” and “Aristocats.”

Plus, I’ll be writing in a few minutes on the Beehive about a couple of cutting-edge one-act operas tonight that kick off the California Opera Association annual summer festival.

By the way, if you were one of the few who planned to attend the touring stage production of “Friends With Benefits,” which had been scheduled for tonight at the Warnors Theatre, better make other plans. That performance has been cancelled because of low ticket sales.

Responses to "Stage roundup"

Kristin says:

Who was promoting “Friends With Benefits”? I had no idea that it was even happening, and I check here, mindhub and several other calendars regularly. What a shame.

Not that I could have gone, since I will be a “The Turn of the Screw”! It’s been giving me goosebumps all week in rehearsals. Come on out!

Donald Munro says:

It was an out-of-town producer, Kristin. Obviously, not much promotion was done. My take is that in the past, nationally touring professional plays with all-black casts — and often including stars of Tyler Perry films — relied on area black churches to promote shows. But in this case, the “Friends With Benefits” concept might have turned off the churches.