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Firefighters and kids: a winning combo


The scene: Chipotle in Fig Garden, the day after the 4th of July, with me corralling my visiting family into a brisk early lunch so they can get on the road back to the coast. We’re sitting at the big circular table, the one closest to where you order. My two nephews, 5 and 7, tackle quesadillas and watch people in line.

The nice guys: a big group of Fresno firefighters, in burly blue, on a break. They stand there, talking and joshing with each other, likely relieved that the hectic pace of the holiday has given way to a saner Monday.

The moment: one of the firefighters, noticing my nephews, interrupts his conversation, opens his wallet, takes out two shiny gold stickers and presents them to both boys.

The prize: My nephews eagerly peer at the stickers, which are identical gold badges that read: “JUNIOR FIREFIGHTER, City of Fresno Fire Department.”

The reaction: Pure delight. After lunch, the older one (pictured above), said, “The food here was just OK, but at least I got THIS,” clutching his sticker. (A future restaurant critic, that one.).

Awww. Thanks, fire people. You’re pretty cool.

Responses to "Firefighters and kids: a winning combo"

Mike Oz says:

The real question: Did they leave their firetruck idling in the parking lot?

Donald Munro says:

Not only did they turn their engine off, they even managed to track down the driver of the Jamba Juice SUV down and unleash a high-pressure hose on him, just to teach him a lesson.

Lisi says:

One Christmas eve ( a couple of years ago) My mother, little sister, and I were driving home late at night on 99 we got a flat tire. We exited on to McKinley and pulled into the closest gas station, which needless to say was not without its fair share of drunks hanging out. We called AAA (despite my pleas to let me just change the tire) and waited, and waited. We saw a fire truck go by in between being approached by random men who weren’t interested in helping us out. A few minutes later we see the fire truck come back around and loop around into the gas station parking lot. Three Firemen jumped out and immediately set to work even as AAA showed up (and charged us for the trip).

When we got home that night we immediately set to work baking cookies and took them over to their firehouse.
Fresno FireFighters Rock!

Stephen says:

My little buddy, age 3, loves him some fire trucks, so we often drive near the close station house. Well The Mommy of her 4 kids drives close and slows down and the firemen wave her in. They give all four kids a close-up look at the firehouse and firetruck, hand out stickers and cute fire safety coloring books.

Fresno Firefighters FTW.

Better story – I was awake and very nearby the recent arson fire at Griffith and Blackstone. Had my nifty iPhone scanner on. The first responding cops kept keen communication while running into each and every apartment to get people to safety. Not firefighters, they hadn’t arrived yet…unprotected cops. Saw more than one person being carried or helped out by police officers. Within about two minutes of the call from the cops, four fire trucks arrived and literally within 1 minute had water streaming onto the fire.

Nothing more affirming about being a proud American and Fresnan than seeing these highly trained men and women take complete control of a dangerous scene with abject bravery and concern for the safety and care of strangers.

Fresno city workers FTW bigtime.