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Responses to "Tweeting an execution?"

Mike Oz says:

Hmmm. A firing squad Tweetup is a new idea …

Donald Munro says:

There are all sorts of icky Tweetup possibilities. How about listening to the police scanner, then meeting up at the scene of deadly car accidents?

Mr. Incognito says:

Hands down, top 100 tweets of the year!

JoyUnconfined says:

Not sick. Just informative.

It’s only sick if you’re against the capital punishment. And it’s ok if you are.

It’s not sick if you’re in favor of it. And it’s ok if you are.

It’s sick if you think someone who killed his own defense attorney with a gun smuggled in by his girlfriend should get to live after killing innocent people. Some people still believe in hope and rehabilitation.

It’s not sick if you’re the family and loved ones of the people who were lost at the hands of this murdering SOB. Some people think enough is enough.

Frankly, I wish more government officials would honestly post on Twitter about what they’re doing in the moment…

“I just voted against giving the president the power to shut off the Internet”… THAT is a tweet I want to see.

Besides… ARE these tweets actually posted by the man himself, or by some support staff in the office who maintain the web page, twitter account, and other things?

One wonders.

Donald Munro says:

I disagree, JoyUnconfined. I’d argue there are plenty of people in favor of capital punishment who would still disapprove of tweeting an execution. Taking a life, even in a government-sanctioned moment, should be treated as a solemn, dignified and, yes, painful event, not an opportunity for a grandstanding politician to boast about his “power” over life and death. Which is one reason why public executions aren’t televised or photographed.

mamatt says:

Or, if they where publicized we might be less likely to preform them.