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Lee, the ‘local paint salesman,’ wins

Like it was any big surprise. As one commenter on the New York Times “American Idol” blog wrote this morning of Lee DeWyze’s triumph over Crystal Bowersox:

Clear evidence that the world must not be run by 12 year old girls. What a travesty that the blank-eyed lump with a familiar raspy shout should win over a mesmerizing gorgeous vocalist- half Streep half Bonnie Raitt…with a little wild thing marbled thru her.

Speaking of the Times, its “AI” wrap-up is hilarious. Unanswered questions include:

What the heck is a local paint salesman anyway? Is there such a thing as a national paint salesman? A global paint salesman? To quote the late, great Tip O’Neill, isn’t all paint sales local?

Responses to "Lee, the ‘local paint salesman,’ wins"

Heather says:

Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze? These cannot be real names. These are bad mystery novel names.

Debi says:

I don’t watch but my guess is Crystal will be better off in 2nd place. Hasn’t the past proven that already?

Kathy Mahan says:

He looks like he’s going to puke in that photo.

Donald Munro says:

I was actually afraid he might. At one point he bent over with his hands on his knees and wobbled. It was sorta endearing in that aw-shucks, shy-guy way that brought him so far in this competition, but I was hoping for a little more poise from the “champion.”