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Giraffe post mortem


In a web update, Bee writer Marc Benjamin writes that the baby giraffe that died May 18 at Fresno Chaffee Zoo may have been killed by epileptic episodes, according to a state laboratory report:

Tests measuring toxins, bacteria, viruses and possible trauma provided no new answers, said Lewis Wright, the zoo’s interim veterinarian.

What really struck me about this update isn’t so much the conclusion from the lab as the solitary comment at the bottom of the story, written by stevecrozz:

Where are all the comments about inexperienced zookeepers? and where’s all that instantaneous unfounded blame passing? It feels so empty in here…

I totally agree. One of the side effects of a Web-based news cycle is the tendency for people to instantly leap to (often) outlandish conclusions. Moments after the original story went up about the baby giraffe’s death, someone had blasted the zoo staff for incompetence. Whatever happened to expressing sympathy over the story, then reserving judgment until the facts were in?

Responses to "Giraffe post mortem"

Mary says:

I have epilepsy and giraffes are my favorite animal. Heartbreaking.

mdub420 says:

As the world continues to go down the cr@pper, so has it’s sympathy.