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Crystal vs. Lee: We find out tonight


As I’ve said before, I gave up long ago truly caring who wins this season’s “American Idol.” But I’m still a teensy bit curious, enough to TIVO my way through tonight’s season finale.

I only watched a bit of last night’s final competition, but it was enough to grasp that Crystal Bowersox pulled off a stronger performance than Lee DeWyze. I’ve just never warmed to Lee, and I think he looks nearly as uncomfortable on stage today as he did at the start of the competition. Sure, his shyness and dimples count for lots of votes, but is that enough for an “Idol” winner? I’ll be rooting for Crystal.

Anyone else planning to watch? And are there any Lee fans out there who can explain how he got this far?

The more perplexing question for producers is: Will the show even be watchable next year without Simon Cowell?

Responses to "Crystal vs. Lee: We find out tonight"

Chargermama says:

Lee won because he is more mainstream than Crystal…there are a lot of very successful artists out there who have subpar voices or personalities…I actually prefer Lee’s type of vocals over Crystal’s…that is not to say that she is not amazing…my all-time favorite AI contestant is Chris Daughtry and he came in 4th!