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The Hostetter Chronicles


It’s been a big week for George Hostetter, one of the Beehive’s favorite news bloggers. He was appointed The Bee’s official billboard critic (well, according to me), and he alternately tickled-the-funny-bone-slash-completely-mystified readers with his post about a giant Coke-bottle penis. Now, we can report another milestone: He made it into the print edition of the Bee wearing his trademark walking hat. The occasion? He’ll be writing an occasional column called “City Beat.” George walks everywhere, see, often through parts of Fresno that are about as far away from artificial lakes and gated communities as you can get, and he’s always bumping into fascinating stories mostly missed by those of us addicted to the internal-combustion engine.

His first column is about an incident he witnessed involving a very frightened teen and the Van Ness pedestrian underpass. Check it out.

Here in the office, we’re taking up a collection to buy him some Mace.

Responses to "The Hostetter Chronicles"

Richard Darby says:

Mace or a stout walking stick. Thought that the walking man’s first column was very good. But then most all of his work is good.

Heather says:

I saw George walking at Blackstone and Herndon yesterday evening. The man crossed Herndon and, when he got to the other side, he stooped down to PICK UP SOME LITTER on the sidewalk.

A Fresno treasure, this guy.

Christian Parley says:

We want more George!!!!!!!!