I don’t want to overstate anything but Halloween is possibly the GREATEST holiday ever in the history of ever — EVER — and if you disagree, it’s only probably because you are stupid.

Because it is the greatest holiday that is aimed at tongue-in-cheek-cheekiness, centered on spooky AND goofy, and allows me to fabulously redecorate my home in an obvious, DIY, kitschy/campy/awesome-with-a-hint-of-lame way, every year my family hosts a huge Halloween party. Our kids invite skads of friends, we invite loads of our adult friends and we all celebrate — pretending we’re kids (while the kids — especially the teens — pretend to be older).

Suffice it to say, I’m a huge Halloween fan. And being that it’s already the last weekend in September, it’s time to start  decorating.

While right now the Halloween stores are offering all kinds of expensive, creepy items to up your decor, you can save a boatload of money with ingenuity and construction paper.

A couple of ideas:

Create a forest:
treeWith some black butcher paper, you can create the sense of a forest. CLEARLY my tree here isn’t the best– but for a more artistic example, check out what the blogger at whimsy lane did (which is what I’m definitely doing this year), and get even MORE creative with your forestiness.

Go batty:
batsA few sheets of black construction paper, a simple template and some time are all you need to create an interesting collage of bats flying across your walls. Think about what other shapes you can come up with; I’ve also got plenty of construction paper vermin that scamper across my baseboards.

More to come on this, my favorite topic — but in the meantime, if you’ve got any DIY decor ideas, please share!

Traci Arbios

Traci Arbios loves to make things, occasionally breaks things and rarely puts things back together. She likes cheese.

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