Eat Street Bistro owner Marc Barton and Benaddiction owner James Caples will try to woo you with bacon and tofu Thursday at the Grizzlies. Photo: Gary Kazanjian.

Bacon or tofu? It’s a question that’s inspiring some animosity around these parts lately. We’ll settle the question once and for all at the Grizzlies game Thursday with the bacon vs. tofu throwdown. We now know who is going head-to-head for your vote. Two food trucks will be trying to woo you — one with bacon dishes, the other with tofu.

In the bacon corner, we have Benaddiction. The food truck with bacon in its logo seemed like an obvious choice. Owner James Caples will be pimping his “heartbreaker” sandwich with bacon, ham, pulled pork, fried egg, barbecue sauce and hollandaise sauce. They’ll be a few other bacon-heavy sandwiches too, including a bacon-laden grilled cheese.

“Bacon is the America of meats,” he says. “It makes everything better.”

In tofu’s corner, we have Eat Street Bistro. The chefs are still busy finalizing their entrees, but it’s pretty likely a deep-fried tofu “chicken” drumstick will be part of it. Owner Marc Barton promises it’s yummy (and heck, it’s deep fried. Anything tastes good deep fried).

“It’s going to be a David vs. Goliath, but I’m prepared,” he says.

In addition to your popular vote, they’ll also be a panel of judges picking a winner. Yours truly and Josh Tehee will be among the judges.

By the way, it’s also Tecate Thursday that night, which means $1 (in case you really need help choking that tofu down). You can buy a regular ticket to the game, which start at $8. Or, you can buy a package deal that includes a T-shirt featuring either our little bacon mascot or the mustachioed tofu cube, for $15.

We’ll have more details on the throwdown in Wednesday’s paper, including a story on Fresno’s spunky little tofu maker in Chinatown. In the meantime, check out the Grizzlies invite on Facebook, where you’ll find info about a bacon pancake eating contest (two Giants tickets at stake there). Oh, and did I mention they’ll be bacon Popsicles?

Bethany Clough

Bethany Clough

Bethany Clough has the most fun job at the Bee. She writes about restaurants, shopping and has the low-down on local businesses. In case you're wondering, her last name is pronounced "Cluff."
Bethany Clough
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