Twee owner Melanie Davis Unguez, center, in her shop near Warnors Theatre, with Kim Burly Schoelen, left, and Annemarie Bell, right.
Photo: Twee

UPDATE: I heard from Twee owner Melanie and she told me a little more about why she’s closing.

“We’re not profitable,” she said, noting that the store was doing about the same at the Tuolumne Street location as it did in Tower. She’s also hasn’t recovered financially from a flood at the old location.

But we haven’t heard the last of Twee. She promises more big Twee news soon. Her Fresno-themed products will also soon be for sale at the All Things Fresno store and the Downtown Fresno Partnership offices at 845 Fulton Mall. And special events selling handmade goods are in the works, too.

She’s still loyal to downtown and will be joining the Downtown Fresno Partnership’s marketing committee.

ORIGINAL POST: Twee, Fresno’s favorite artsy, crafty downtown store, is closing at the end of March.

Owner Melanie Davis Unguez broke the news on the business’s Facebook page this morning. She says:

“We are moving on to new adventures. For the time being, Twee will be closing up shop at the end of March at the Tuolumne location. We will be moving to a more mobile business, with an online shop, as well as setting up at Farmers Markets.”

Twee will be selling its jewelry, T-shirts, cards and other goods at The Market on Kern on Wednesdays beginning in April.

Davis Unguez started the shop in the Tower District three and a half years ago. One of downtown’s biggest supporters, she moved the shop to Fulton Mall, then to its current location next to Warnors Theatre last spring. The bubbly entrepreneur recently got married and continues to operate her proofreading business.

Davis Unguez says she’s looking forward to spending more time with community organizations that support downtown. “And who knows, maybe once we get Fulton Street back and have a bustling downtown on the horizon, you might just find the doors opening to Twee once again,” she says.

You can keep tabs on Twee via its Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account.

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Bethany Clough

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