My guilty-pleasure confession in my most recent Sunday Spotlight column: I have a pretty big crush on the HGTV show “Love It or List It.” Yes, it’s sheer formula. But there’s something comfortable about how the show goes through the same routine each week, from decorator Hillary fighting with the couple for whom she’s doing a makeover to real estate agent David stumbling badly on the first alternate home he shows them.

I don’t know how long my crush will last, but I’m riding with it for now. And, of course, this being me, I get a little philosophical about my fixation. From my column:

TV has always gotten a bad rap — and will continue to do so — for being mindless and deadening, and goodness knows, I’ve offered up my share of belittling comments about it over the years. And on most evenings, I’d still rather curl up with a good book.┬áBut there’s something to be said for comfort. There comes a time when you just want to settle back into your sofa, put your mind on autopilot and watch Hilary and David re-enact a series of familiar rituals.

For now, I definitely love it.

Donald Munro

Donald Munro

Donald Munro is The Bee's arts and culture critic. He currently has the opening song to "Galavant" stuck in his head and doesn't know if he can ever get it out.
Donald Munro
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2 thoughts on “‘Love It or List It': Most of the time I love it

  • April 23, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    If Hilary and David are not married they should be. Also just once would like Hil not to run into huge structural problems (always in an old house) and why would they want to stay in too small, delapitdated home which btw always seems to be a duplex or in a row- home setting? Still I like the show – go figure.

  • January 5, 2015 at 6:58 pm

    Hello and Happy New Year! I say two thumbs up for this home/life improvement channel as a whole! Whether it’s Hillary and David or Joanna and Chip, HGTV is “comfortable, informative and educational television!” I can’t see myself wasting my time watching local network programming with all the news programs and politics, riots and such fogging my brain with tearing down Small Town, U.S.A. and clouding my home with “Useless and Hateful Noise”, when HGTV is building up Small Town, U.S.A. and shows like Property Brothers are teaching homeowners how to build up their homes and their communities. Other channels should take a lesson from HGTV and the also popular DIY Network on how to perform CONSTRUCTION instead of DESTRUCTION! Keep up the good work guys! Happy New Year and God Bless!


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