image002The Doritos commercial, “Fashionista Daddy,” written by Fresno State and Reedley High School graduate Gabriel Trevino has been named the winner of the “Crash the Super Bowl Contest.”

Mark Freiburger is listed as the official winner of the grand prize because he directed the 30-second commercial. Trevino could not be reached to find out if he will get any of the  award.

The commercial was one of 6,000 entries.

“Fashionista Daddy” was the highest ranking of the Doritos consumer-created commercials on the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter. It came in fourth place among all of the commercials during the CBS telecast watched by 108.4 million viewers with a 7.20 rating. The overall winner was the Anheuser-Busch’s commercial about the bond between a Budweiser Clydesdale and his trainer that finished with a 7.76 rating. Tide’s “Miracle Stain” was second with a 7.75 followed by the Ram commercial about American farmers with a 7.43.

Trevino’s commercial features a father heading out to play football with his buddies. He is stopped by his daughter, who wants him to play princess. She overcomes his objections by offering him Doritos. Soon, all the football buddies join playtime. Trevino came up with the idea because he’s a new dad and has seen how parents will do almost anything for their children.

He was initially concerned the commercial he wrote and help produce would have a tough time because it was shot on an extremely limited budget. The biggest expense was renting the largest wedding dress they could find for one of the macho men to wear.

The closest Doritos commercial competition was “Goat 4 Sale,” created by Ben Callner, Decatur, Ga., that scored No. 7 on the USA Today Ad Meter rankings.

All five finalists received $25,000 and a trip to attend Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

CORRECTED: Post was updated to remove the $1 million dollars prize. It’s unclear whether or not the commercial earned the additional bonus money. Neither Trevino nor PepsiCo  could be reached to clarify the matter.


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Rick Bentley

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