Openings and closings in the retail world seem to be the new normal these days. Here’s an update of who’s coming and who’s going.

Likely on the way out: Fresh & Easy.
The British parent of the mini grocer announced last week it just wasn’t making enough money to make shareholders happy. The retailer is considering pulling out of the U.S. and selling its stores. Signs of the retailer’s struggle were evident in the Valley, with several stores built but never opened.

What this means for the eight Fresh & Easy stores in the central San Joaquin Valley is still up in the air. You can read more about why it’s failing here.

Coming soon: Walmart Neighborhood Market.
Walmart has been opening its own version of a small grocery for a while now and one is coming to Fresno. The 40,000-square-foot store is under construction at the southwest corner of Willow and Herndon avenues, and another is slated for Demaree Street and Goshen Avenue in Visalia.The neighborhood markets sell fresh produce, meat and dairy products, bakery and deli items, and household supplies and typically have a pharmacy. It’s scheduled to open in summer 2013. You can read more about it in real estate reporter BoNhia Lee’s blog here.

Say bye bye to: Fashion Bug.
The discount women’s fashion retailer already closed dozens of Fashion Bug stores and will close the rest of them soon. They’ll be open for a few more weeks and if the sign twirlers signs are accurate, there’s some good deals to be found.

The parent company of Dressbarn and the Justice girls clothing store bought the company that runs Fashion Bug and decided to close the Fashion Bug stores.

Say hello to: Kiehl’s.
Kiehl’s Since 1851, a well-known East Coast company selling skin, hair and body products, has opened a shop inside the Fashion Fair Macy’s. Situated near the cosmetics counters, the shop features neon signs, a chandelier and a counter where customers can try out Kiehl’s products.

The brand is less well known on the west coast, but enough people here bought its Creme de Corps body cream and other products that the company decided to open a store — one of a small handful it has opened inside Macy’s. It sells products for women, men, babies, even shampoo for dogs.

Bethany Clough

Bethany Clough

Bethany Clough has the most fun job at the Bee. She writes about restaurants, shopping and has the low-down on local businesses. In case you're wondering, her last name is pronounced "Cluff."
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2 thoughts on “Retailers come, retailers go

  • December 10, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    I knew it was goin to be a matter of time before that store left the Valley because honestly…they demographics here trend to it being a fast food market. There’s a fast food joint around every corner. Fresh food, health type foods don’t do well here, this isn’s SF, LA, SD. I’m pro Fresno..but I also call it like I see it…let’s face it..there’s not alot of slim in shape people here n the Valley. Overweight teens and high cases of diabetes.

  • December 13, 2012 at 2:00 am

    I, for one, am very sad to see Fashion Bug go out of business. I shopped there regularly, and was recently able to take advantage of their closing sale. According to their employees, they were bought out and closed buy a competitor (Dress Barn). I used to shop at Dress Barn years ago (in the Bay Area). I recently went to the River Park location, and was disappointed not only with their clothes, but also their prices. I won’t be returning. RIP Fashion Bug :(


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