It was almost impossible to find Parker Jacobs, one of the creators of the popular Nickelodeon series “Yo Gabba Gabba,” Saturday afternoon when he made a stop at the local bookstore (and yes there are still local bookstores) Petunia’s Place. The place was a madhouse with all of the youngsters attending the store’s Halloween bash.

Jacobs was in town to sign the book he both wrote and illustrated, “The Goon Holler Guidebook” (Sourced Media Books, $12.99). If you weren’t part of the large crowd at the store Saturday, make a trip to Petunia’s Place to see if they still have some copies of his book left. It was created using the same colorful whimsey that’s help make “Yo Gabba Gabba” such a success.

The reason Jacobs wrote the book is pretty interesting.

“We are selling the book to the make money to make a new TV show. This way, we won’t have to go around to all of the studios trying to raise money to get the show made,” Jacobs tells me over the shouting of all the children.

Jacobs, his brother Christian and Scott Schultz are the creative force behind both “Yo Gabba Gabba” and “The Aquabats! Super Show!” TV show. If you have not seen “The Aquabats!” on Hub, it’s a about an offbeat group of super heroes. A second season’s currently filming in Utah.

The first season of “The Aquabats” shot in Orange County but moved out of California because of all the tax breaks Utah gives film and TV production. The move made financial sense but created other problems.

“They were shooting an episode last week that takes place at summer camp. It was snowing. They were trying to make it look like a summer camp but there was all of this snow on the ground,” Jacobs says.

As for the groups next project, Jacobs offered no clues. But, he did have a life-size version of the star of Goon Holler with him at the local event.

Rick Bentley

Rick Bentley

Rick Bentley is a Star Wars fan, a movie critic and part-time ninja. He's met more famous people than most famous people.
Rick Bentley

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