Tonight: A whole lot of places to have a drink

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Lots happening tonight, Here’s a quick — and I mean it, quick — look:

Could this be the answer to our concert mystery?

The Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita held a press conference on Monday to announce a concert. Does that scenario sound familiar? This is what happened in Kansas.

Seems to fit our situation, right? Keep in mind that Van Halen recently added dates in Sacramento and Reno to its tour schedule. If this is the case — and I’m not saying it is, it could just be a coincidence — would such news make you happy?

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Teri Hatcher loved revealing moment on ‘Desperate Housewives’


116219_D_0751_fulWIVES1.JPG During the eight year run of “Desperate Housewives,” Teri Hatcher had some big moments. One of the most dramatic came earlier this year when her Wisteria Lane husband — Mike Delfino played by James Denton — Delfino was killed. There have been loads of highs and lows over the years.

That’s why it’s such a surprise when Hatcher says her most memorable scene was the one where she was naked. Fans will remember how her character got locked out of her house without a stitch of clothes in the third episode of the series.

Hatcher says that scene was “probably one of the most fun, vulnerable, exciting, well written moments, I think, in Susan’s personal journey, and certainly Susan and Mike together.”

It was also an important journey for Hatcher and the crew. She’d only been working with the team for a few weeks before she had to stand before the large production crew in nothing but a few pieces of strategically placed tape.

“I walk to the set and I was in a robe. It was going to be six hours of shooting this from every angle. So I just took off my robe in front of the 60 people crew and was like, ‘Everyone take a good look, and we’re done now.’ And then we just moved on. It was so bonding,” Hatcher says. “You’ve got a cameraman on a Steadicam who can see just this much of the side, but not any more, of your breast. It was really a dance, and it was an amazing, amazing experience.

“So in terms of scenes, that probably will never be beat.”

Mystery concert announcement(s): the plot thickens



If you’re like me, you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for the Save Mart Center’s “major” concert announcement coming Friday at 10 a.m. Heck, I had a dream last night I was at the press conference and the band was revealed to be Fried Green Brains — a new supergroup with Sammy Hagar, Carlos Santana and Ty Segall. Yes. it’s my brain that’s fried.

Weird dreams aside, the plot has thickened** for what I’m now calling Mystery Concert Announcement Friday. There will now be two big concerts announced.

In addition to the Save Mart Center’s announcement, New Rock 104.1 is teasing a big concert announcement during tomorrow’s morning show. Originally, that announcement was due Monday, but it’s been moved up to Friday. To be clear: this is a DIFFERENT concert than what’s being announced at the press conference.

Back to that “major” announcement: I have one piece of info that might help with any predictions. Classic rock radio station 95.7 The Fox says it will be broadcasting live from the presser. That means two things: (1) It’s not Bieber, Gaga, etc. (2) You can listen in for yourself.

Of course, we’ll have both concert announcements up on The Beehive ASAP.

**Obviously, because there are more question marks on the picture now.

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