The Week Ahead: Trans-Siberian, Spring Break, Jazz Hop & more


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TONIGHT: Trans-Siberian Orchestra is at Save Mart Center. No, it ain’t Christmas. It’s a non-holiday show from them. Tickets here.

MORE TONIGHT: If you’re a coder, designer or marketer, Social Media Club Fresno has a free workshop that might of interest to you. It’s especially for folks interested in 59 Days of Code this year.

SPRING BREAK: It’s Spring Break week for some — including Fulton 55, which has two big parties you might be eyeing for the weekend. Sci-Fi Caper and a bunch of DJs will be there Friday night, while frat-rap troupe The Starting Six performs Saturday.

JAZZ HOP: It’s another month of Jazz Hop on Thursday night — 19 different venues have free live music. Mostly jazz, but not always.

BOBBY V: Soul singer Bobby V (or, as you might remember him, Bobby Valentino) arrives in Fresno to perform Thursday at Rome Nightclub. “Tell Me” and “Slow Down” were kinda dope in their day.

THE EMPIRE SHALL FALL: If you dig Killswitch Engage, then you might wanna see The Empire Shall Fall, which is in town for two nights — Friday and Saturday. Jesse Leach, who is the singer for Killswitch, also is in The Empire Shall Fall.

IT’S EASTER! In case it kinda snuck up on you like it did me. Our friends at Rotary Storyland & Playland have a good event to mark the occasion.

Beehive Birthday 7: Now on April 14

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We were very sad on Saturday to postpone Beehive Birthday 7 because of rain. We are happy today, however, to announce that we’ll now be having the party on Saturday, April 14.

beehivebdaynewdate copy copy.jpg

Not a whole lot has changed expect for the date — we’re rolling over most everything we had planned, except for the ValleyWho announcement. There will be unlimited rides, prizes, our fabulous photo booth, guests from the local community and twists on some of your favorite rides. Heck, maybe we can add a few more things.We hope to see you there on April 14 at Rotary Playland.

Beehive Birthday 7: Update, prizes, etc.
Beehive Birthday 7: It’s this weekend!

John Malos back on local TV


LIF HDO JOHN MALOS.JPG Former KMPH (Channel 26.1) anchor John Malos is returning to local TV. He will host “Connect With Me,” a new talk show on the Me-TV Network seen locally on KGMC (Channel 43.6) and Comcast Channel 187. The show will originate from a set that has been built at Ventura TV’s showroom. Ventura is the lone local sponsor on the station owned by Cocola Broadcasting.

The show debuts at 10:30 a.m. April 9.

“I am truly excited to host ‘Connect With Me’ as I feel that the show will provide a unique and interesting forum for viewers to engage me and my guests, to get the answers and stories they’re not getting anywhere else,” says Malos.

Since his departure from KMPH in 2005, Malos has made several attempts to launch a talk programing including an online version.

The new TV show will have a varied daily themes that will include business, the community, arts & culture, entertainment and sports. There also will be a segment called “On the Air… Off the Press,” that examines traditional and electronic media.

You can contact the show via phone, social media, and email.

“One of the best things about this show is that viewers will be able to call-in or use social media to connect and interact with John and his guests, which ranges from local business owners, celebrities, industry experts, community leaders, and more,” says Ara Catchatoorian, Executive Producer and one of the show’s creators.

If you miss the live morning show, it will be repeated at 7:30 p.m.

You could attend a ‘House’ party


house-514_sc48_8709_f.JPG “House” will end May 21 and you can win a chance to be part of the show’s finale.

Immediately following the finale, FOX will air a one-hour retrospective. Fans can submit an original song, a video, photos, etc. that reflects how the show moved them over the eight seasons it was on the air. This has to be original material.

Send your work to The deadline is April 13.

To see a personal video invitation for submissions from Hugh Laurie, go to For more information and submission deadlines go to Do not include “House” episode clips, images, copyrighted music, key art, brands or products. Be as original as you can, and have fun!

In addition, fans residing within the continental United States can enter for a chance to win a trip for two to the exclusive series wrap party April 20 and celebrate the finale with the cast. The deadline to enter the sweepstakes is Thursday.

For more details go to

Olga Kurylenko opts for different role

Magic City.JPG

Magic City.JPGOlga Kurylenko, the Ukrainian-born actress and model who starred opposite Daniel Craig in “Quantum of Solace,” is stunning looking. While we sit and chat in the bar of the Langham Huntington Hotel about her new series, “Magic City,” it’s obvious that every eye in the room is on her.

That’s why her casting in the new Starz series, set in a luxurious Miami hotel in late 50’s, is a little surprising. Series creator Mitch Glazer saw Kurylenko as the seductive woman of mystery who sends a sexual charge through the show.

She had other ideas. Kurylenko wanted to the play Vera, a wife and stepmother.

“I read the first couple of episodes and there was ‘Vera, Vera, Vera.’ I am reading her scenes and they are emotional, interesting, dramatic,” Kurylenko says. “The woman has so many conflicts, aspirations. This is such a complex character so I started thinking ‘Who is playing this woman?’ I asked my agent why this role wasn’t offered to me.”

Kurylenko understands why they offered her the role of Lily, a very sexual being who spends a lot of time in a bathing suit. You could ask anyone staring at the actress and they would tell you that she’s played that role before. That’s why she was looking for a different role to play.

The tendency to want to cast Kurylenko is partly because of her work in “Quantum of Solace” that earned her the tag of “Bond girl.” The downside of this designation is getting offered similar roles but the upside is the exposure she got from being in the film.

“I had done French films before the Bond movie but once I did that film I was known around the world,” Kurylenko says.

To figure out how well she’s known, all I had to do was look around the bar.

THEATER REVIEW: ‘Rock of Ages’

rock of ages logo 001.jpg

rock of ages logo 001.jpg

On the agenda: a nostalgia ride back to the late 1980s. Would you like a nunchuck with that?

The second national tour of “Rock of Ages,” which brought its gussied-up, goofy self to the Saroyan Theatre Monday for an evening of inspired glam-metal revelry, appeared to drive the older couple sitting in front of me out of the theater two-thirds of the way through the first act. Ah, the depravity of it all: the crashing guitar solos, the throbbing power-metal ballads, the lingerie-inspired stripper garb for the ladies, the big-hair moments for the gents — all positively shocking, right?

Well, perhaps for those subscribers who bought the season package to see “My Fair Lady.” But for all its bluster and bravado, the biggest “danger” in the amiable and witty “Rock of Ages” is choking with laughter at the gratuitous wine-cooler references scissored into the plot. (There is referential trauma associated with Mr. Bartles and Mr. Jaymes that stings to this day.) The music of the era — lovingly represented in this jukebox musical by nearly two dozen offerings from such icons as Journey, White Snake, Poison and Pat Benatar — might have driven parents crazy at the time. But for all the high-octane brashness of these rockers, there was something even back then that was sweet and silly about their studded belts, extravagantly teased tresses, endless guitar solos and slo-mo hair swishing. What “Rock of Ages” manages to do is poke loving fun at the genre in a slick package made up of equal parts camp, grit and adoration, along with a cheerful dose of mocking the musical-theater genre.

The show continues Tuesday for one more performance at the Saroyan.

On TV tonight: ‘Breaking In’


bi_12-christian-office_1522_LY.JPG “Breaking In,” 9:30 p.m. KMPH (Channel 26.1): If you haven’t taken a look at the comedy since it returned to the FOX lineup, consider yourself among the lucky. The addition of Megan Mullally to the cast has turned this once fun and quirky series about a security company into a miserable and bland workplace comedy. Her character was added to be the new boss for the company making it the worst hire since Bernie Madoff.

In the first season, humor came out of smart situations involving the company’s mysterious boss (Christian Slater) and his oddball group of specialists. It was fun to watch them work together. This year, Mullally’s banshee-like acting skills have landed on the show like a gift from a bird passing overhead. Smart humor has been replaced by Mullally recycling her old “Will & Grace” work.

Gone are the fun missions. Now, the group just stands around the office and waits for Mullally to say something stupid. The wait isn’t that long.

“Breaking In” started out as a very good comedy. Now, there aren’t enough jokes to justify calling it a comedy. About the only thing good that can be said about the show is that with the changes, “Parks and Recreation” is no longer the worst workplace comedy on network TV.

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