Rome Nightclub closing? Not quite



Rumors are flying today about the oft-troubled Rome Nightclub at the oft-troubled Granite Park.

Hardly a surprise with that place and its history, but kinda surprising because it had seemed like things were going smoothly lately.

The big rumor: Rome is closing. Secondary rumor: The Kreayshawn show for Fat Tuesday is canceled. Rumor check: Multiple sources are telling me neither of those are true.

Here’s what people with knowledge of what’s happening are telling me:

  • The club’s GM and its owner had a falling out. GM Pino Borrelli isn’t with the club anymore — and deleted his Facebook page associated with the club.
  • The Rome Nightclub website and its Facebook page are also gone.
  • The Kreayshawn show is still going on — despite the ticket-selling site for the show getting zapped too. (So long as the show is happening, our giveaway will still happen too).
  • While Rome isn’t necessarily shutting its doors right away, don’t be surprised IF that does happen within a couple weeks.
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