Zac Efron got excited about first kiss

Thumbnail image for SINBAD.JPG

Thumbnail image for SINBAD.JPGThumbnail image for EFRON.JPGZac Efron had a little crush on Michelle Pfeiffer when they worked together on the 2007 film “Hairspray.” He was 20 and she was 49.

Efron says he was so nervous around Pfeiffer that he tended to put his foot in his mouth every time they were together.

“Everything came out wrong. I was very shy,” Efron says.

Four years later, the pair got to work together again on “New Year’s Eve.” Pfeiffer plays a dowdy (or at least as dowdy as she can play) New Yorker with a wild bucket list she wants completed before the New Year begins. Efron’s a street smart bike messenger who agrees to help her when she offers him tickets to a hot New Year’s Eve party if the list is completed.

When the actors talked before filming started, Pfeiffer suggested they “take it up a notch.” She suggested there be a kiss.

She didn’t have to ask Efron twice. He was prepared to make their on-screen smooch one to remember. He didn’t count on some major props problems.

“I was in my hotel room the night before imagining how I was going to kiss her,” Efron says. “It was awesome. I was a man in every way.”

When the big moment came on the set, Efron moved in for the kiss and a huge piece of confetti hit him in the mouth. Efron and Pfeiffer were hit by the confetti on every attempt to film the scene.

Despite the prop problem, Efron says of kissing Pfeiffer, “It was awesome.”

To-Do Tonight: Viper City Brass Band



Viper City Brass Band is a way cool local group that we don’t get to see all too often these days. The band plays the brassy funk of New Orleans, and does so with some of Fresno’s best musicians.

Part of the reason, we don’t see a whole lot of Viper City shows? Some of the members are off in other cities these days. But tonight’s show at The Landmark is a brass band reunion, including former Fresnans such as Nate Ketner and Sam Rocha who are home for the holidays.

The music starts after Fresno Pub Quiz — for the smarty pants’ amongst us. That oughta be around 10 p.m. There’s no cover.

On TV tonight: ‘American Horror Story’

AP on TV-American Horror Story.JPG

AP on TV-American Horror Story.JPG “American Horror Story,” 10 p.m. FX: Tonight’s episode is the season finale of one of TV’s best shows.

“American Horror Story” revolves around the Harmons, a family who moved from Boston to Los Angeles as a means to reconcile past problems. That was like moving from the path of a hurricane to the side of an active volcano. Their new home is a sanctuary for the dead.

The dad, played with controlled madness by Dylan McDermot, is a psychiatrist who has more problems than his clients. The mom (Connie Britton) has just given birth to twins and one of them could be a demon. And then there’s the daughter (Taissa Farmiga) whose life changed dramatically two episodes ago.

Toss in a wild supporting cast – topped by Jessica Lange – and “American Horror Story” is as good as TV gets these days. Those of you who haven’t been watching from the start have missed out on a twisted and brilliant series that has taken the most indirect and surprising path in writing of any television series.

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