Win tickets to the ‘Civil War Revisited’



Consider this a quickie contest: I have two “family four-pack” sets of tickets to give away to this weekend’s “Civil War Revisited” event. If you win, you’ll need to come down to The Bee’s main office on Friday and pick up your tickets. Each winner will receive four tickets to the event that can be used either Saturday or Sunday.

I’ll give away the tickets to the FIRST and SECOND commenters on this post, so lightning speed will pay off.

You aren’t eligible if you’ve won anything from the Beehive in the past 30 days. Please include a valid e-mail address that you’ll be able to respond to within the next half hour.

Rules are on the jump.

Did they just say Fresno … sort of?

In last night’s episode of the sitcom smash “Modern Family,” Phil (the father) takes his oldest daughter to visit his alma mater, which appears to be Fresno State — though the university is never mentioned by name. Beehive reader Cliff Nitschke writes:

Did you see “Modern Family” tonight? Phil took his daughter to his Alma Mater Fresno State, but it was filmed at UCLA. They even mention street names where the Frat Houses are located. Interesting…one of the writers must have a connection to CSUF. Nice Fresno reference although it isn’t directly mentioned.

How do we know it’s Fresno State in the episode? The clues:

  • In the opening scene we see Phil wearing a red “Bulldog” sweatshirt, and there’s a running gag between him and Claire (his wife) about whether the mascot is the Bulldogs or the Bullfrogs.
  • Claire mentions that she has a free night because her husband is “upstate” with her daughter.
  • And the clincher: When Phil uses GPS to track his daughter, he learns her location is at “Cedar and Los Alamos” at a fraternity house. (I couldn’t find a Los Alamos on Mapquest, but there is indeed a Fresno intersection of Cedar and Alamos right by campus.)

By the way, it’s one of the funniest “Modern Family” episodes I’ve seen recently.

Dinner conversation odd for Daphne Oz


DORM ROOM DIET.JPG I learned something very interesting talking with Daphne Oz, one of the hosts of ABC’s little-watched “The Chew.” A person can grow up listening to a medical expert – in this case, her dad, Dr. Oz – and still struggle with healthy eating habits.

The “Chew” co-host admits that she craves cheese despite her father’s stand against it.

“With regards to my dad’s perspective versus my own, I’ve certainly been informed by him. I’ve had a great privilege to grow up around a dinner table where we were as likely to be talking about the benefits of vitamin D as we were about minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgeries,” Oz says.

Even with all that knowledge being shared around the table, Oz has had to deal with weight issues. She says that she weighed 180 pounds when she was 17 but has lost between 30-40 pounds. Toss in dealing with being newly married, trying to adjust to her first home and a new job and Oz feels she will be able to relate to young viewers.

Her major concern will be health issues.

“Having grown up in the family that I did and having had a lot of health information around me and still struggling with my weight while I was at school and still dealing with the weight issues, I’m dealing with trying to make healthy food a priority but not an obsession. I still want to be able to enjoy my wonderful meals. That’s something that I think every red-blooded woman in America deals with on a daily basis,” Oz says.

She needs to realize men also face the same problems.

A new name for FCASH



The Fresno Coalition for Arts, Science and History has been through some rough times recently — most notably the layoff of its paid executive director, Cynthia Cooper.

But the organization has regrouped with a new name, expanded geographical emphasis and a more volunteer-driven administrative structure. It’s now known as the Valley Cultural Coalition, and its first big event since the name change is an arts conference Friday at the Warnors Center for the Performing Arts.

I have an interview with Karen Bosch Cobb, the chair of the coalition’s board, in Thursday’s Life section to advance the conference. Here’s an extended version of that interview.

Question: Why the decision to rename FCASH as the Valley Cultural Coalition?

Answer: We wanted our name to more accurately reflect our mission, which is to serve not just Fresno, but Central California. Thus the Fresno Coalition for Arts, Science & History (FCASH) has become the Valley Cultural Coalition (VCC). Our name change emerged from a revitalized and expanded strategic plan built on our existing Bylaws. Also many of the organizations we represent provide regional programming. We’ve broadened our focus and strengthened our commitment to a growing member base that includes a variety of organizations and businesses representing the vibrant arts, sciences and humanities throughout Central California.

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