The Beehive Interview: Rick Roddam



During his time in Fresno, Rick Roddam has been a radio personality, a comedian, a program director, an event host, a local advocate and the head of his own clothing line. On Monday, he bids Fresno farewell after 11 years. We couldn’t let him leave without one last exit interview — he insists he’s done plenty during his time here (that’s radio for ya), but was up for one more.

Radio listeners remember Roddam’s name from KRZR, Y-101 and The Blaze. Recently, however, he hasn’t been able to find a new radio gig, so he’s leaving for Denver. But not without his comedy pals sending him off in the best way they could — with a roast Sunday night at Heroes Sports Lounge.

What’s so awesome that it’s getting you to leave Fresno?
I had a Jules Winnfield style moment of clarity and I’ve decided to ‘wander the earth.’

Tell us a little background on how and when you came to Fresno. Did you think you’d be here this long?
I came to Fresno in 2000 because KRZR offered me a job. I planned on staying here for a few years and then moving on to someplace bigger and better. Little did I know that Fresno sucks you in … and you never really leave.

So about that Snoop Dogg show …



UPDATE: Here’s the explanation I got from show promoters Level 10 Productions:

“Unfortunately, we got stuck with a case of classic Snoop Dogg. He is notorious for being late,” says Level 10’s Luke Vicente. “We had him scheduled for 11:30 p.m. We did all we could to get him there on time, but his personal entourage made sure it was their way or the highway. Our hands were tied.”

ORIGINAL POST: The rumblings around the Fresno Internets late last night and this morning are that Snoop Dogg took his time rolling up on stage last night at Rainbow Ballroom.

He didn’t hit the stage until 1:25 a.m. (on a Wednesday night, mind you) and then only performed for about 40 minutes.

The show had a start time of 8:30 p.m., and we all know those times on the tickets are never when the show starts — especially at hip-hop shows. But five hours later?!? Isn’t that a little much? Some ticket buyers (who spent between $35 and $50 to get in) were none too happy, some even walked out before Snoop bow-wow-wowed for Fresno.

Here’s a timeline of events sent to us by a Beehive reader:

To-Do Tonight: Catch Andrea Balency while you can



If you’re looking for something a little different from the norm tonight, might I recommend the Andrea Balency Trio, playing at Fulton 55. This young singer/composer is Paris-born but now resides in Mexico. She’s got a Natalie Portman-ish look, an elegant jazz/classical sound and a hypnotizing voice.

The 21-year-old has been pegged as part of a new movement of female voices coming out of Mexico’s music scene. NPR recently wrote:

Somewhere between the melodic expressionism of Argentine singer Juana Molina and Patsy Cline, Balency’s heartwarming melodies are revealed in the band’s debut EP Mizraïm. Singing in Spanish, English and French, she proves that newcomers can be unorthodox and still maintain the appeal of the girl next door.

We know that in Fresno you can often see these on-the-rise acts before they blow up. Balency might just be one of those. Tickets cost $8 and are available here or at the door. Check out a beautiful song of hers below.

To-Do Tonight: ‘Stalag 17′



Good Company Players tonight opens the World War II classic play “Stalag 17,” which you might know from the 1953 classic movie starring William Holden about U.S. airmen held in a German prison camp. I have an interview with director Duane Boutte in today’s Life section. I asked him what he thinks the most important themes of the play are. He told me:

Levity in the face of adversity. The play was written by two former POWs. What they’re telling us is that, in spite of their circumstances, they never lost hope. Humor and danger are both vital to this production. Danger is what these men experienced. Humor and ingenuity is how they survived.

Boutte, by the way, is one of GCP’s illustrious alums. He’s spent 20 years as a professional actor in New York, and he’s back for the summer to direct the show. “Stalag 17″ continues through Oct. 9.

Photo by Craig Kohlruss / The Fresno Bee

On TV tonight: ‘Wipeout’


124785_041_pre.jpg “Wipeout,” 8 p.m. KFSN (Channel 30.1): Visalia’s Chace Todenhoft will face the giant red rubber balls, muddy pits and other obstacles as a contestant on tonight’s “Wipeout.” If you haven’t seen the show, contestants must complete several obstacle courses as the field gets narrowed down to a final three. The winner takes home $50,000.

There’s no word on whether the local competitor made it to the winner’s platform to claim the prize. That’s why you will have to watch.

If you would like to cheer Todenhoft on, her family and friends will get together at Visalia’s Amigos Restaurant to watch her hits, bounces and splats.

“Wipeout” is hosted by John Henson and John Anderson.

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